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Geranium pelargonium

Geraniums The geranium, which is so commonly called other than that is the Pelargonium, a genus belonging to the Geraniaceae family, the same of which the other similar genus of the Geranium is part. The name Pelargonium was given to the botanical group that it is just two centuries ago, when the plant was already known and diffused with the other more common name of geranium, name deriving from the Greek meaning "beak of crane", to designate the particular form of the fruit.
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Olive grove

Question: How are olive cuttings prepared? good afternoon, because of the big snowfalls of the last period most of my olive grove was damaged (many plants are practically uprooted, of others very little remains), so there is need to plant new plants, to amortize Is it possible to make some expenses at home with the tools available?
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On this page we will talk about: other articles: thyme: Thyme, thymus vulgaris, is an aromatic plant of Mediterranean origin, whose leaves are generally used fresh or dried, very fragrant. It is a perennial plant, which produces a beautiful compact carpet, with small dark green leaves, and decorated with pinkish flowers in spring and summer; there are many varieties of thyme, with variegated leaves, yellow or greyish, the dense and compact habit makes this plant suitable also for flower beds, or for pots on the terrace, to be cultivated also as an ornamental plant.
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