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Works of the October bonsai month

Work of the bonsai month October: Bonsai Acnhe for bonsaists is now preparing for the long winter; many plants need to spend this season at home, or in a temperate greenhouse, while others can remain outdoors. Having small pots, even outdoor bonsai need protection, to avoid that during the coldest days the frost penetrates deep into the substrate: we can overcome this problem by preparing a shelter, a shed or a cold tnt greenhouse, or covering the pots , so that they are preserved from frost.
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How to grow marsh hibiscus: optimal conditions, planting nuances and subtleties of care at home and in the open field

Many people know a very beautiful plant called marsh hibiscus. But not everyone knows how you can grow this flower at home and what the optimal conditions should be for a Chinese rose. This article will tell you about all the intricacies of growing and caring for hibiscus at home, as well as from the article we will learn how planting in open ground and what breeding method is suitable for this plant.
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Orchid in the garden

Question: orchid in the garden From approx. 2 weeks I was given a potted orchid, can I plant it in the garden? Set of 4 pcs, transparent flower vase for orchids, with breathable hole, plastic flower box for desk or garden decorations, As shown, 15 cm Price
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Garden furniture

Outdoor furniture

INTRODUCTION The care and furnishing of the house represent two actions that no one can escape, since living in a tidy and tastefully furnished house allows you to take advantage of many advantages, moreover, the home reflects its character and allows welcome guests in a dignified manner.
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