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Brown spots

Brown spots

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Question: brown spots

hi I have a succulent plant that I noticed lately some dark stains like rust appeared, for the moment they are small but I wouldn't want them to get bigger. what can i do? should i give him some care? thank you very much

Answer: brown spots

Dear Chiara,
I'm not selling a photo it's not easy to decide what is the problem affecting your cactus; in fact, if the spots are reddish in color, similar to rust, it could be, as you suggest, rust from cacti, caused by a parasite called septoria; it is a fungal disease. The best way to eradicate it is to supply your plant with a systemic fungicide, that is, a product that must be mixed with the water of the waterings, because it penetrates inside the plant, striking the fungus from the inside and not from the outside. However, consider that brown spots generally remain and tend to dry up, but if the fungus is killed they do not spread to the rest of the plant. Another type of spots can be caused by excessive and sudden exposure to the sun. In this case it is roundish and dark, almost brown or purple. It often happens in plants preserved at home that are moved outdoors in spring: the dew caused by the temperature excursion between day and night gathers in small drops on the delicate epidermis of succulents; at the arrival of the sun, before the dew dries completely, the droplets act as a lens for the sun's rays, and cause characteristic burns; in this case, placing the plant in a semi-shaded place and then placing it in the sun little by little is a solution. Some spots, generally yellowish, are instead caused by the presence of insects, which you should however see on your cactus (at least with the aid of a lens); in this case it is necessary to treat the plant with a systemic or contact insecticide, with a wide spectrum of action.


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