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Dried parsley

Question: my parsley does not grow

Good day,
I sowed the parsley this spring, when it was already about 5 cm high. it turned red and then died.
or changed the place by risking again but did the same end, where I made a mistake, I state that the previous year I had not sown parsley on that land.
I thank you in advance for any explanation.

Dried parsley: Answer: cultivate the parsley

Dear Elvia,
parsley is one of the most used aromatic plants in the kitchen, it is used in particular with fish dishes, but it enters in many recipes where it is added to the last second, without cooking it. As you are trying to do, the best way to always have fresh parsley is to sow it, in the vegetable garden or in a vase, depending on our needs and the space we have available. In general, parsley tends to germinate easily, even if it takes a few weeks; it happens however that in some places it does a bit of the "capriccioso", and in some gardens it seems almost impossible to have a small plot cultivated with parsley. The reasons can be varied. Perhaps your parsley plant receives little or too much sun: this small perennial, or biennial, plant prefers locations where it can receive at least a few hours of direct sunlight; but he does not like the direct sun all day, nor the excessively shaded positions, where he cannot receive sunlight. The flowerbeds in which the parsley is grown must be worked well before sowing, also wanting to enrich the soil with a little manure, or with a little slow release granular fertilizer; parsley also grows in uncultivated land, poor in organic matter and mineral salts, but does not tolerate excess fertilizing; so it could be that the ground of your garden was excessively fertilized before sowing the parsley.
It could also be a problem related to watering: the young plants should be watered regularly, but avoiding leaving them long in damp soil; they are watered only when the soil dries, avoiding excessive watering.