Face cream

Face creams

Contrary to a few years ago, when women were the main repositories of beauty secrets that allowed them to keep a smooth, soft skin free from the ravages of time, today men also want to do something to maintain a young face: most of them they started by stealing the creams of sisters and companions, but today in perfumeries there are many products dedicated to men's skin care. While women who are over thirty continue to be obsessed with wrinkles, men complain of the unpleasant effect of the skin that "pulls", typical of a dry epidermis too often exposed to cold and lashing wind without any protection; the younger ones, on the other hand, want to counteract the effects of acne that heavily affect their social life. Given also the variety of problems to be addressed, it is useless to deny that there is still a great deal of confusion regarding face creams: we will therefore see how best to orient ourselves in this jungle of aesthetics and choose the type of cream most suited to us. After all, as Coco Chanel said, the skin of twenty years is a gift of nature, while that of forty is the gift we make to ourselves by taking care of her.

What rules to follow to choose the most suitable face cream for our skin

Whether bought in the perfumery or in the pharmacy, which cost from fifty euros upwards or just a few euros, face creams are essential at all times to guarantee the skin the necessary nourishment and neutralize the harmful effects of smog, of a diet unbalanced and wrong habits. There are those who advise of alternating the various types of cream, often changing brand and formulation, so as to prevent the skin from becoming addicted to a certain active ingredient, which consequently is no longer effective; there are those who for years have always used the same cream and are perfectly satisfied. Actually there is no precise rule: simply when a face cream does not satisfy us anymore it is appropriate to change it.
It is possible, in fact, that over time the skin may change from mixed to oily / dry, that the first wrinkles arise or that, having changed cities or countries, a different climate or excess of smog cause problems in the skin that he had not before. Before applying any type of cream, the skin must be thoroughly cleaned with milk and neutral tonic: avoid soap (unless you are using a specific one), as it tends to dry out and redden the skin. This operation is even more important, and should be carried out with greater care, if our face has makeup residues: the make-up in fact clogs the pores and prevents the skin from breathing; this causes the appearance of pimples in the "T" area and makes the skin dull and dull. In these cases, therefore, you need to choose a light face cream to apply both in the morning and in the evening, after removing make-up. On the market there are also some foundations that mix a pinch of moisturizing face cream with the pigment: if you are often rigged and your skin is affected, then bet on these foundations. Then there are the creams that help fight acne (the best ones are found in pharmacies) and the eye contour creams. The latter at twenty are almost useless; not so thirty, when the first, small wrinkles begin to form in this very delicate area. The creams for the eye and lip contours (even around the lips tend to form unsightly fine lines) are suitable for mature skins, tendentially dry, since it is well known that the dryness of the skin favors the onset of massive signs of aging. So, before choosing a cream, familiarize yourself with your skin and its problems; even asking for help with orders can be useful, but it is even more useful to do a search on the internet. In the network there are in fact numerous forums dedicated to beauty where the opinions of women like us are on the various creams: useful tips that will help us avoid rushed and wrong purchases.

At every age its cream

If you are twenty or over, apply a nourishing and moisturizing cream: in fact, even though there are no wrinkles problems, the skin must be properly nourished. If you suffer from acne or often you find your skin greasy, avoid pasty formulations and overly moisturizing creams: on the market there are specific ones that, while hydrating, fight acne and that unsightly shiny effect. If you have exceeded thirty, in addition to moisturizing the skin it is advisable to start preventing small wrinkles: for the day use the classic moisturizer, for the night instead begin to apply an anti-wrinkle cream to tap especially around the eyes, critical area and very prone to wrinkle formation. If you are over forty, the anti-wrinkle cream must be your precious ally to use morning and evening: even in this case you are spoiled for choice, because each brand offers different creams for costs and action, some of which even promise a effect similar to that of the scalpel or plumping fillers. Not all creams keep what they promise, however it is also true that you cannot apply a cream a couple of times and expect miracles: whether you are fighting acne or wrinkles, that you want to look younger or simply have a healthier skin , remember that no cream does its duty unless it is applied consistently, at least every morning. Those who complain that they do not have time, can carry it in their bag and apply it in the free minutes, choosing slightly pigmented formulations that partly take the place of the classic foundation.

Face cream: Homemade creams

If you do not want to spend a fortune, or simply prefer to rely on the dear, old grandmother's remedies, you can try homemade creams using simple but super-nutritious ingredients such as honey or certain types of oils and vegetables to be blended.
Natural creams offer many advantages, among which there is no doubt that they are completely free of parabens and other substances that could cause annoying allergies; many creams, in fact, use preservatives and dyes that can cause many problems to the most sensitive skin, causing rashes, acne and in the most serious cases even excoriations. This does not happen with creams prepared at home, which, although conserved for less time, ensure not inconsiderable results even for the most demanding.
One of the most effective and simple creams to prepare is the one with honey and Yogurt, which is obtained by mixing these two ingredients in equal parts: then apply a thick layer of cream on the face and wait for ten minutes. Then rinse off the cream residues that the skin has not absorbed with warm water. After applying this cream, the skin will look incredibly soft and smooth, perfectly hydrated also because you will have allowed it to absorb the required amount of cream, neither more nor less.
An excellent anti-wrinkle cream can instead be prepared with 50 g of Shea butter, 50 g of Jojoba oil (you can find both in herbal medicine) and 10 g of olive oil. Prepare this cream is very simple: just melt the butter in a bain-marie and then add the oils; after mixing well, the cream obtained should be left in the fridge for about four hours before applying it. Apply it to the face especially in the evening, as it tends to leave the skin slightly greasy at the moment; in the morning, however, it will be tense and shining. This cream should be stored in the refrigerator and taken half an hour before use.
To combat acne, however, go ahead with a classic but very effective cream, obtained by dissolving the clay in a couple of tablespoons of water: applied every morning and evening on the area to be treated visibly reduces the pimples.
An excellent moisturizing cream for dry, mixed or normal skin is prepared using three teaspoons of honey, a tablespoon of beeswax, a tablespoon of extra-virgin olive oil and three drops of lemon oil. The preparation of this cream is quite simple: melt the bees in a bain-marie, let it cool for a few minutes and then add the oil, mixing thoroughly. When the mixture has cooled, add the drops of lemon oil and keep in the fridge, in a jar, taking care to apply the cream every evening. It is particularly effective in winter, to protect the skin from the cold and restore the lipid layer affected by wind and smog.