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The Altea

The flower of the garden is pink or purple red and has a corolla of regular shape formed by five petals in the shape of a heart. The fruits are flattened and disc-shaped and resemble a pile of coins. The Altea grows in very humid places such as the banks of the rivers, the banks of the canals but we often find it also around the houses and country houses. Already in ancient times, the plant was considered a miracle plant because it has very important and effective medicinal properties and is still used today to prepare infusions and decongestant, emollient, laxative and calming decoctions. The plant is rich in mucilage which gives it these extraordinary powers. In herbal medicine it is considered a panacea for irritation to the intestine, for the bronchial catarrh, for inflammation of the mouth and for pimples. It is also very popular in cosmetics.

How to grow highland

The altea can be cultivated easily enough that the soil is always kept humid and well fertilized. The fertilizer should be placed from May to September. The sowing must be carried out towards the end of June in seedbeds and then at the end of March, the sprout is planted, in a definitive dwelling, taking care though that it is a sunny place but at the same time well sheltered from drafts. You will see the complete flowering of the garden at the height of summer. However, the plant only flowers for two seasons and then it is better to renew the plant. The plant can suffer from rust and then it is necessary to alternate the fertilizations with pesticides. The ground must always be watered abundantly but you must be careful not to let the water stagnate.

How to prune the marsh plant

As soon as spring arrives, the top is to be pruned. The smooth branches should be cut about 20 centimeters from the base above the shoot. Also remove the small branches to give the plant comfort in being well ventilated. Shrubs that are quite old, need a drastic pruning so pruned without fear, next year the plant will grow more lush. After pruning, make a good fertilizer to the plant and also use a fertilizer, the one for roses will be fine.

The therapeutic principles of the altea

Always appreciated for its medicinal virtues, the height is rich in mucilage and essential oils and for this reason it is an emollient and anti-inflammatory herb. It is especially useful when the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract are inflamed and when catarrhal states are present. The altea is to be drunk as an infusion or decoction and is also very useful for the irritable colon and for those annoying pains it causes. It has an antispasmodic effect and protects the gastrointestinal mucous membranes by absorbing toxins. Excellent fight against coughing attacks. Its external use involves the preparation of useful decoctions as mouthwashes when the mouth in general or the gums are irritated. If put on pimples in the form of compresses, it favors maturation by expelling any pus. The plant serves as a masticatory substance when children suffer from teething problems. Dermatology the plant is used as a softening, anti-itching and emollient, it also effectively cures juvenile acne. Finally, the altea is also used for cracking and light burns.

What are the parts of the garden to use

First, you need to go to a trusted herbalist to get precise information on the doses of medicine to use. The parts of the altea that are used for healing purposes are the roots and only in rare cases the leaves. The roots can be used after a specific drying and skinning process. The root extract is also used in some traditional medicine drugs. Almost all the drugs in which the height of the extract is found are emollient drugs. The intake of marshmallow should be done under the strict control of a professional because it has as a side effect the lack of absorption of some substances present in other drugs.

How to prepare the basic herbal tea

With the marshmallow root excellent decoctions are prepared to calm the cough if well sweetened and sipped and also suitable for gargling if we have sore gums or a sore throat. Take a small pan of stainless steel and boil half a liter of water with two tablespoons of marshmallow root. Let it boil for a quarter of an hour. Then transfer the water into a cup after filtering it and cover the containers so as not to disperse the soothing substances of the decoction. As soon as this is warm, sweeten it with honey or cane sugar and sip or gargle.