Oil massages

Oil massages

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Oil massages

For those who want to take care of their body in a deep and continuous way, there is no better way than to devote yourself, at least once a week, to a massage; this practice, in fact, dates back to ancient times and still remains one of the most preferred cuddles both by women and by men all over the world. Thanks to the giant steps that have been taken in the aesthetic field, the massage has become more and more specialized, depending on the purpose you want to achieve: relaxing, draining, rejuvenating, energizing, invigorating, decontracting, anti-cellulite, anti-stress, sports, foot massage , are just some examples of the different types of massage that can be found in the best beauty salons, without counting the many techniques that are at the base. An absolutely not to be underestimated aspect in the field of the massage, it is undoubtedly the oil that must be used for the whole duration of the session; in fact, for each type of massage, it is advisable to combine a suitable oil to more easily reach the desired therapeutic purpose or, in the case of a simple massage, to arrive at the right degree of muscular relaxation. The massage oil, therefore, plays a primary role and its choice, although at first sight may seem irrelevant, in reality it is a fundamental factor to be able to draw the greatest therapeutic benefits that the essences contained in the oil are capable of make, how to free the skin from toxins, oxygenate and nourish the skin, heat and relieve swelling. Being the oil particularly rich and concentrated, it is advisable not to use a large quantity of product, but to apply it on the hands and not directly on the skin to be massaged, and to prefer vegetable oils rather than mineral ones; below, a mini guide that will help you choose the right oil for the most popular massage techniques.

Relaxing massage oil

For those who have no particular therapeutic needs, but simply want to free body and soul from hard work or a particularly intensive period, there is nothing better than a relaxing massage session. The oil suitable for this type of manipulation, is undoubtedly a compound that contains an essence of lavender, able to bring balance, to stimulate the temperances and to reduce excesses; alternatively, the essence of lemon balm, for an immediate revitalizing and invigorating effect, not only for the body, but also for the mind. Finally, clary sage is also an excellent essence to restore harmony: particularly suitable for the female gender, especially to alleviate abdominal pain caused by the menstrual cycle.

Draining massage oil

Undoubtedly one of the most requested massages from the female world, is the draining one, that is aimed to improve and reactivate the blood and lymphatic circulation of the belly, abdomen, legs and buttocks, for an immediate sensation of lightness and well-being, able to decrease significantly the hated problem of cellulite. The essential oil recommended for this type of therapeutic massage is that based on juniper, an excellent stimulant of diuresis, as well as purifying, detoxifying and reactivating the lymphatic system. Excellent substitute, oil with lemon essence is a valid ally in the case of cellulite, obesity and cholesterol, as it strengthens blood vessels and improves circulation; finally, even fennel can significantly help to deflate and purify the body, especially indicated in the presence of abdominal heaviness.

Anti-stress massage oil

An anti-stress massage, able to counteract high blood pressure and anxiety caused by days full of work, is increasingly in demand in a world of frenetic rhythms; to give a new wellbeing, the optimal oil for this type of massage is the one containing the essence of ylang-ylang, famous for its ability to reduce palpitations caused by stress and to restore inner peace. Alternatively, we recommend also oil with geranium essence, suitable for all states of strong emotional stress and chronic anxiety related to work; finally, not to be underestimated even the Roman chamomile, indicated for all depressive and nervous states, as it can significantly reduce the hatred and resentment, and the neroli, essence taken from the bitter orange and antidepressant par excellence. The neroli, in fact, is able to bring out all the emotions and feelings hidden in the unconscious part of the psyche, an excellent reconciler of soul and body, for a renewal not only physical, but also spiritual.

Decontracting massage oil

Last type of massage among the most requested also in sports, the decontracting represents, among those described above, the one with the most therapeutic character, as required mainly by people who need to treat any muscle contractures or tension present in the lumbar area, back and lower limbs, caused by trauma or simple incorrect postural positions. Although indicated among the recommended essences for draining massage, juniper is also the main ingredient to combat rheumatism; in fact, thanks to its heating power, it is able to relieve pain in the lumbar area deriving from cold and humidity. Another essence to take into consideration to obtain a valid decontracting massage oil is rosemary, a medicinal plant known for its beneficial properties on the microcirculation and able to relieve muscle pain.