Build paper flowers

Build paper flowers

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The materials needed to make paper flowers are few and easily available at home. We need: a pair of scissors, advisable with a round tip and not too large in order to avoid unpleasant injuries, vinyl glue or any other glue not necessarily quick-setting, possibly green adhesive tape, a stapler, wire available in any hardware or in DIY stores, in the absence of a wire the wooden sticks or straws, the nylon or ordinary cotton thread and the paper are also fine. The paper to be used can be of any type and form, an idea can be the disused gift wrap, crepe paper, tissue paper, rice paper, newspaper etc, in short any kind of easy to work and shape. Creating paper flowers as well as being relaxing is also useful for recycling paper that would otherwise be thrown away.


Crepe paper is one of the most malleable and simple to use to create paper flowers, the process is very simple. Cut out a strip of paper, and cut out the petals of the shape you prefer, spread the top edges gently with your fingers, to make them even more similar to the originals, it is advisable to lightly heal the tip, just roll the ends to a wooden stick or a straw, wait a few minutes while holding down, if instead you prefer concave-shaped petals, just hold the petal in place and with your finger from the central part pull outwards. Once you have completed all the petals, go to the stem. The stem common to all the paper flowers is created either with wire or wooden sticks or with a straw, once the material has been chosen the green adhesive tape must be rolled or, in the absence of green crepe paper, using a little glue , once this is done, the petals must be attached to the stem. Take the petals and with the help of the thin wire or the adhesive tape stick to the same creating a sort of circle. To create the stamens just take some yellow crepe paper, cut it into fringes and place it inside our flower. To make the flower even more realistic, place leaflets near the stem of the leaves, cut some paper giving the shape of a leaflet, using a felt-tip pen or some watercolors to create the ribs, prepared the leaf with the help of adhesive tape or glue to position them so uniform on the stem.


Take tissue paper or recycled paper of any kind of shape, and cut out a fairly large rectangle, fold the sheet in half, cut a strip of paper from the side of the fold to obtain two equal halves, fold the two sheets together with an accordion starting from the shorter side, once the entire length has been bent cut the pointed ends, take the previously cut strip, twist it on itself to create a cord, with the paper cord tie the folded paper in half, fan it well with a pair of knots, open the flower, remove the two sheets, both below and above, and join the two ends.


To create the rose, start from the petals, take a strip of newspaper or some magazines and cut a strip ten centimeters high and fifty centimeters wide, choose a side that will be the upper one and with the scissors give a slightly shape round. To make the rose, take the previously worked strip, roll it up on itself keeping the base firm and closed, proceed until you get a sort of flower, close the work with simple paper tape, possibly green, adjust it with your hands trying to enlarge it as much as possible.
Once the flower has been created, take the stem and insert it in the center of the base of the flower itself, to complete the whole wrap the adhesive tape between the base of the flower and the stem.

Building paper flowers: HOW TO EXPOSE THE FLOWERS

The most common use of paper flowers is the display, perhaps in an ornamental vase, but there are also other uses such as decorating the bedroom ceiling, or the lamp.
As for the pot, a good idea is to create it, the technique is very simple, just take a container of any shape, turn it upside down and grease it with melted butter, take some toilet paper and together with the vinyl glue diluted with water, paper whole container. Once solidified, thanks to the help of the butter previously spread on the container, it will be child's play to remove it.
When our container is solid, paint it or cover it to your liking.


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