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Question: where to find Parnassia

Dear, I would like to have seedlings or seeds of parnassia palusris. Do you know where I could find them?
Thanks manuela

Parnassia: Answer: how to find plants that are difficult to find

Dear Manuela,
Your request allows us to respond to many readers, who are looking for rare or particular plants.
In your case it is a small aquatic plant, also present in nature in Italy, in hilly or mountainous wetlands.
Being a particular plant, found in nature, not cultivated in the garden, you will hardly find it in the nursery, because it has no commercial interest; unfortunately breeders and nurserymen are forced by the market to cultivate only plants that can give them an income.
In addition to being very difficult to find in the nursery, it is also not very ecological to think of taking it in the wild, because if we all started "shopping" in the woods, rather than in the nursery, in a short time the flora of our beautiful country would would be greatly affected.
The safest way to get a Parnassia palustris plant is to produce small seed plants; in addition to the pleasure of growing something "from scratch", you will also have the advantage that the young plants will be more likely to adapt to the climate of your garden.
Yes, but where do we find the seeds of Parnassia?
You can look for plants in nature, the flowers are followed by fruits, with often fertile seeds; clear it is not easy to find these plants, it will be necessary to find the excuse for a mountain excursion, but if you love these plants very much it could be a pleasant trip, to do in late spring or in summer.
If you want to try another way, to get the seeds of the strangest, most particular, or wild plants, you should contact one of the many seed banks in Italy, there are made by groups of enthusiasts, but also by real associations, with the intention of spreading the pleasure of growing a small plant from seed, especially if it is a particular plant.