Geranium essential oil

Geranium essential oil

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Geranium essential oil

It is not just decorative for balconies and terraces but is also very useful for therapeutic purposes. The geranium, a splendid plant that embellishes the exterior of many houses and helps to keep away insects and especially mosquitoes according to tradition, has, in the form of essential oil, numerous healing properties. Keeping a little bottle in the first aid cabinet is highly recommendable, as it is indicated as an antiseptic, antispasmodic, analgesic, for the well-being of the skin and even against fatigue. It is widely used in aromatherapy because, apparently, it is able to stimulate intuition and imagination above all in particularly complex situations where it is difficult to find a solution. Also indicated in those cases where it is necessary to find an effective answer to one's unexpressed desires. The use is very simple: just pouring a few drops on a burner and the vaporization of the active ingredients will have a positive effect on one's mental well-being. Also used in the food and liquor industry, the essential oil of geranium, extracted from flowers and leaves, is, in short, a valid remedy against a series of diseases that make the day complicated. And if it is necessary to bear in mind that the power of flowers and plants is certainly not miraculous, it is worth stressing that from nature one can derive useful treatments in different cases which, moreover, do not present particular contraindications. Geranium is native to South Africa and was introduced into Europe by English and Dutch colonists around the 17th century. In Italy it is widespread as an ornamental plant and makes a fine show of itself in every respectable flower box. There are different varieties, even hanging ones, and it is very appreciated both for the abundant and colored flowers and for the slightly perfumed leaves.

A "friend" of the skin

It was already used in the past against bleeding and wound healing due to its astringent and healing properties. The essential oil of geranium, with a greenish color and a vaguely sweet smell, is particularly effective on areas affected by acne, boils, rosacea, sunburn and in case of oily skin, as it helps the tissue to compact. It can also be used as an antiseptic to facilitate the healing of sores, cuts and burns. A massage with geranium essential oil is useful for treating areas affected by cellulite as it stimulates circulation. For the same reason it is also indicated in the treatment of annoying chilblains that afflict hands and feet in winter: just pour a few drops in a neutral cream to massage every day morning and evening on the interesting parts at the end of the estimate. A sterile gauze soaked in a few drops of substance then helps in the treatment of psoriasis, dermatitis and eczema and, mixed with a vegetable oil such as sweet almond oil, fights the problems of dry skin. It also appears to be helpful in strengthening the immune system's response to mycosis and herpes simplex.

An effective natural analgesic and anti-inflammatory

If menstrual cramps or pains linked to ovulation do not give respite, geranium essential oil can be an effective natural treatment to alleviate the disorder, which can seriously affect social life and professional performance. A massage with a few drops of liquid on the lower abdomen, diluted in sweet almond oil or in a neutral-based cream, seems to be more than sufficient, due to the properties of the active ingredient that appears able to relax uterine contractions. It then helps to alleviate the discomforts of menopause, neuralgia and headache. Also excellent as an anti-inflammatory, especially during the cold season and the typical ailments of the period. Used, in fact, to make gargles, it is an excellent remedy against all oral cavity diseases, in particular pharyngitis, gingivitis and sore throat.

Geranium essential oil: An aid against fatigue

Geranium essential oil seems to be an excellent remedy even against fatigue, both physical and mental. Applied in the morning on the back, carried by a vegetable oil, it is a valid antidote against the feeling of prostration that is sometimes felt in the morning, especially during periods of increased fatigue and stress. Sprayed into the handkerchief and inhaled from time to time or even vaporized in the environment through a diffuser or in the humidifiers applied on radiators, it is said to have a remarkable purifying efficacy and can therefore be used even in rooms where patients are present. In aromatherapy it is a useful substance by virtue of its ability, it is said, to attract positive thoughts, facilitate the ability to make decisions and make choices and to bring out the feelings that one has within oneself. It helps, in other words, to become aware of and develop mental capacities and facilitates the mechanism of giving and taking.
In conclusion, geranium essential oil is a valid aid for the well-being and health of the organism. Experienced in the past and widespread today, especially as an ornamental plant, geranium has many beneficial properties, including that of combating pain, inflammation and fatigue. It is also a friend of the skin as it facilitates the healing of wounds and various types of injuries, fights dryness and stimulates the immune response to various diseases. In other words, the advice is to always keep some in the house available to the whole family. It does not seem, in fact, to present any contraindication even if, in any case, asking for advice from the pharmacist or herbalist of confidence does not cost anything.


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