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Furnishing your own garden is an operation that no person can escape, because this green space represents another home environment, where you can spend convivial moments with your family and friends; all the rooms of the house must be treated in detail, to welcome guests in a dignified manner. In this regard, it is possible to insert garden pots that are very functional and useful to keep one's green corner tidy, but at the same time they are furnishing accessories that can help to enhance the aesthetic appearance of the building.


There are many models of garden pots available on the market, to be able to satisfy any kind of need and taste, in order to create harmony between domestic interiors and outdoor environments; there are large garden pots, suitable to contain more plants at the same time or small ones for ornamental plants that do not need too much space. Ethnic style vases that are suitable for homes looking for a touch of exotic, and modern vases are also very popular, to be always fashionable; finally there are also the classic style vases that adapt to any type of furniture, to satisfy the needs of those who want to have a tastefully furnished home. Several materials are also used to make garden pots, such as aluminum, PVC, wood, natural fibers, terracotta.


Aluminum is a material widely used for the creation of doors and windows, but also to make garden pots that are very resistant, in fact aluminum is appreciated above all for the particular composition of its molecules that allow it to be immune to humidity and therefore to rust, being able to always maintain the same appearance for the duration of its use. Furthermore, the aluminum garden pots, being very bright, are placed in very shaded places to create new points of light that can enhance the aesthetic appearance of the house.


Another material widely used to build garden pots is PVC, a recently discovered material that has achieved much success in the window and door furniture market; PVC is highly valued for its high resistance to atmospheric agents and temperature changes. Being a highly insulating material, PVC allows garden pots to always maintain the same temperature even in the presence of strong temperature changes that could damage the health of the plant and flowers; PVC does not require excessive maintenance because it can also be cleaned only with the help of a damp cloth. Despite being a material derived from petroleum, PVC is not polluting, since it can be recycled 100% in all its components, to be reused in order to create new objects.


Wood is a material widely used for the creation of garden pots, since it possesses an intrinsic elegance that is lacking in other materials; the wood used to create the garden pots is called solid wood, since it is taken directly from the trunk of the trees to give the pot greater strength and durability over time. Furthermore, the wood, being entirely composed of natural fibers, manages to blend well into the garden, recreating a harmonious atmosphere that will make the aesthetic appearance of the house very pleasant; wooden garden pots are eco-sustainable, since they can be biologically degraded at the end of their life cycle, without causing damage to the environment. Wood can acquire greater elegance through decorations such as inlays and various motifs, but it needs constant maintenance in order to fully show off its elegance.


Even natural fibers are used a lot to create garden pots, as they manage to breathe independently and adapt to external factors; garden pots in natural fibers are very light and allow them to be moved easily from one place to another. Natural fibers do not require much maintenance, but can be cleaned easily.


Terracotta is the most commonly used material for creating garden pots, since it is a natural material and is not perceived as a stranger by the soil and plants; besides the terracotta, thanks to its reddish color allows to adapt to all types of furnishing and architectural style. Being very porous, terracotta allows the absorption of excess water inside the plant's soil, safeguarding its health.

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In recent years, the garden has acquired an increasingly important value.
The space that is taken care of exactly how much the interior furnishing spaces, with an extreme care for details and style.
The outdoor furniture, in fact, becomes a corner of peace and relaxation and for this reason the green corner is dedicated more and more to budget and time.
Style is decisive: each piece of furniture will necessarily be consistent with the whole style of furniture, the one you have chosen and that resembles you.
The style that will make you breathe air at home whenever you are outdoors.
For this reason also the vases and the planters, which were once considered simply containers for plants, today become furnishing accessories that respond to the most different needs.