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Garden furniture

Garden furniture

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In a garden, plants and flowers cannot be missing. The pots are ideal for enriching a green space, useful for growing plants and flowers, but also aromatic plants such as basil, rosemary, chilli, sage and fruit trees. There are vases of all shapes, sizes and materials, there are plastic, earthenware, wood and stone. Located in a driveway, at the entrance of a house or villa, in the stairs of an apartment building, they can liven up the environment and make it more colorful. One of the advantages of the vase is that it manages to prevent the nutrients from dispersing and to check how much water there is in the plants. A good tip to use the pot adequately is to make holes in its bottom and put in suitable soil that is free of insects that would damage the plants. Should the plant become infected, it will simply be necessary to transfer it to another pot so that it does not contaminate the rest of the plant.GARDEN: PLACE OF PASSATEMPO AND FUN

It would be wonderful to furnish a garden with a swing and a table football, great games to spend the fresh summer days in the open air. There are many people who spend time in the garden of their home. Having fun in your own green corner is a way to avoid the hassle of leaving the house and going to the park. To keep your little ones happy, it is good to enrich them with the swing and the table football. The swing is a fantastic game that allows you to have fun being outdoors. It is much appreciated by children and their parents. Swings can be of different sizes and shapes. In the market there are different models that vary according to the price. While lately the billiard table is coming back into fashion, better known as table football. Foosball is a nice pastime, a practical game that never sets. We have always been used to seeing it in bars, but now it is often present in private gardens. One of the advantages of table football is to play in the company of two or even four people.


In a garden, chairs cannot be missing, otherwise it would not be a real garden. They are excellent outdoor accessories, made with different materials. Very special are the rattan chairs, an appreciated fiber formed by woven and waterproof material. Among other things they are very easy to clean chairs, just water and detergent to have a chair like new. They can also embellish themselves even more with soft cushions. Even the iron chairs are very beautiful and elegant. Particularly robust, they are made in different styles. These chairs are very durable, the only disadvantage is that they are prone to rust, but just paint them to protect them. Even the wooden ones make a comfortable space. Then there are folding models that thanks to their closing and opening mechanism can be kept in the closet or on the balcony. These are then easily transportable from one place to another, for example very useful on the beach, or as an accessory for second homes, because they are economical and practical.


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