Site selection and soil preparation for the garden

Site selection and soil preparation for the garden

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Choosing a place. And for the garden, and for the vegetable garden, a place is always allocated somewhere closer, at hand. Closer to home and the land is always better: here the cattle trample, and the slops are poured, and the ash is poured out of the stoves.

Please note: this article is based on the materials of pre-revolutionary advice for farmers. Some of the data and methods could be significantly outdated.

For estates, usually even a place is chosen, or slightly sloping; Such and such places are best for both planting trees and arranging a vegetable garden. And if this place is facing the sunny side, and with the cold side it is covered with buildings or a forest, in our provinces there is no need to wish for the best. If the place designated for an orchard is open from the winds, it is necessary to plant the garden at the same time and arrange protection for it. The winds and the earth dry up, and the trees are broken, and the fruits are knocked down. That is why anyone who wants to have a good garden should think carefully about protecting it.

Preparing the soil for planting fruit trees. In the fall, early, the site chosen for the orchard is plowed 14 centimeters deep and the places for fruit trees are marked. Apple trees and pears in the northern and middle provinces can be planted 6-8 m from the tree. To plant less often - a lot of space will be lost, and more often it is impossible - the trees will be cramped.

To mark where to dig holes for planting trees, they tie a triangle from three poles (each 6 or 8 m) so that all sides of it are equal. The first row is broken, measuring 6 or 8 m along a stretched twine, where the apple trees should be planted, hammer in a stake. The second row is broken with a triangle, attaching one side of it to the rope. This means that each tree will not be opposite the other in the next row, but in the gap between them: this way they will grow much more freely. When installing the stakes, you need to look so that the rows go out in a straighter way. Straight rows are not needed for beauty: in such rows afterwards it will be much easier to loosen and plow the land.

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