Parsley - its health benefits, planting and growing

Parsley - its health benefits, planting and growing

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Parsley - one of the most useful plants, it is widely used both for food and for treatment.

Parsley contains vitamins such as P, C, B1, B2, B, folic acid, iron, calcium, phosphorus, potassium. The green portion of parsley also contains proteins, sugars, phytoncides, and flavonoids.

Health Benefits of Parsley

The beneficial properties of parsley are:

  • lowering pressure and vasodilation;
  • relaxation of the intestines, improved digestion;
  • expectorant;
  • high bactericidal activity of parsley stops putrefactive processes, thereby helping the body to cleanse itself and get rid of toxins.
  • essential oil made from parsley fruit has strong antiseptic properties.

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Parsley is used in the form of eye lotions for eye fatigue and pustular skin lesions.

Parsley seeds are used for digestive disorders.

Parsley increases the secretion of gastric juice and has a good choleretic effect.

The stems and leaves of the plant are used for insomnia and hypertension.

Fruits in the form of seeds - for diseases of the digestive system and liver, for diseases of the respiratory tract as an expectorant. Parsley increases appetite.

Growing parsley on your site

For some gardeners, parsley grows in all beds instead of weeds. Others cannot achieve lush greenery even in the same garden.

What's the problem?

Let's analyze the planting and growing of parsley in stages.

Favorable conditions for growing a plant

In order for parsley to delight you with its lush greenery, when growing this plant, several factors must be taken into account:

  • parsley prefers sunlight and long daylight hours
  • moistened earth is needed
  • high resistance to frost and cold
  • grows poorly on poor soils
  • long germination of fresh seeds due to the high content of essential oils

Taking these features into account, it is necessary to choose a place on the site and proper care of the plant.

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How and when is it better to plant parsley for a rich harvest

The ideal time to plant parsley is from early April to late August. When grown in a greenhouse, sowing can be carried out later, even at the end of September. In order to have fresh parsley on the table all season, sowing must be repeated every 2 weeks.

Soak the seeds for a couple of days before planting, and change the water regularly. This will extract essential oils that interfere with germination. After that, dry the seeds and sow in the ground.

Methods for planting parsley at their summer cottage

The most common way of planting parsley is to plant it in a line, the planting width is from 1 to 2 cm. The distance between the lines is usually about 15 cm.

Another, more efficient planting method is sowing in the furrow. This requires a wooden board that is pressed into the moist soil to a depth of a couple of centimeters. Seeds are sown into the resulting furrow in a zigzag pattern. With a distance between the furrows of about 15-20 centimeters and regular thinning, the parsley will grow evenly, it will stop falling and withering.

In order to get fresh parsley in mid-May, they use the seedling method of growing. For this, parsley is sown in boxes in early April, and in early May, seedlings are planted in open ground.

With this method of planting, it is better to increase the row spacing to 40 cm, thinning more often. Use a bush planting method in order to have greens from early spring until the very frost.

Features of parsley care

Outdoor parsley behaves more moody. He needs more thorough weeding, watering. This is especially true at an early stage. Water and weed at least once a week.

Do not forget about loosening the beds. Superphosphate and ammonium nitrate are best suited for plant nutrition.

Don't mix parsley with angelica, cumin, and fennel. They will have a negative impact on each other.

Like any plant, parsley needs care and proper care. Planting on time, watering and weeding regularly will give you rich bunches of parsley!

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