Dwarf peach

Question: peach dwarf

Good morning!!
Last spring I bought a peach nano that I cultivated the pot. At the end of August it also produced a dozen octimin juicy fruits. I would like to know if this inverse for conservation needs coverage and if it fears frost. Thanks for your kindness. Roberta

Answer: peach dwarf

Dear Roberta,
dwarf fruit plants are small, but share the other characteristics with fruit plants of "normal" size; therefore, as a general rule, as soon as the days get shorter and the climate becomes cooler, they lose the foliage and enter into vegetative rest. Thanks to this expedient, most fruit plants can withstand winter temperatures close to -15 ° C. If where you live the frosts are not very intense and the temperatures hardly remain for weeks below -15 ° C your peach does not need winter covering.