Table grape varieties

Table grape varieties

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Table grapes are very common all over the world, but at the same time table varieties require special care and their cultivation is a rather complicated and laborious process.

The quality of table grapes is influenced by many factors: the climate in which it grows, the soil, the ambient temperature and even the terrain.

But all the efforts spent are worth it, because table grapes are not only tasty, but also healthy food.

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Table grape varieties

In general, any grape varieties are useful for the body, but not everyone likes to eat wine varieties for a number of reasons. In particular, many simply cannot stand the taste of wine varieties.

But it was table varieties that were cultivated and used as a medicine back in Ancient Greece, and even then all the beneficial properties of these berries were known to man. Currently, there is a whole separate direction in medicine - ampelotherapy (that is, treatment with grapes).

Table varieties that people can buy in almost every store have a beneficial effect on the health of the body as a whole and have a rejuvenating effect.

Table grapes prevents the development of cancer, strengthens the immune system, reduces the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases and has a beneficial effect on the nervous system.

The most popular table varieties


This variety is popular among grape lovers for several reasons: it has a pleasant taste, the Augustine berries are quite large, and outwardly the bunches and the berries themselves look very attractive.

In addition, this variety is indeed one of the most unpretentious and resistant to diseases and temperature extremes.

But even despite the fact that such a variety can grow practically without leaving, it certainly gives a bountiful harvest and such a large number of berries are in no way inferior in quality indicators to many other varieties.


This variety is also a fruitful one, and like Augustine produces a large number of berries: about 10 kilograms of grapes can be easily harvested from one bush.

The bunches of such grapes are quite large and heavy: their weight often reaches 1-1.5 kg. The berries themselves are also very massive.

Such a variety is insensitive to severe frosts, and it can yield crops even if it grows on poor soil.

However, this variety has one significant disadvantage: Aleshenkin grapes are more susceptible to diseases than other similar varieties.


This variety came to Russia from the East: the cultivation and cultivation of Amur grapes began in China, Korea and the Far East.

The grapes tolerate frost very well, and in general this variety is unpretentious to the conditions in which it grows. However, depending on these conditions, the taste of berries depends very much: it can be both very sweet and unpleasantly sour.

This variety is used not only for fresh food: Amur grapes are used in the production of a coffee substitute.

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This variety is obtained by crossing Moldova and Cardinal varieties. The Arcadia variety received many positive qualities from its "parents" and became the best hybrid, which was obtained by crossing the above-mentioned varieties.

Arcadia berries are egg-shaped, and their size in diameter can reach three centimeters.

The sugar content of this variety is not as high as that of other table varieties, which means that the grapes are not very sweet. However, such a low sugar content is quite typical for high-yielding varieties.

In terms of care, this variety can be very capricious, and it is not recommended to let the growth of Arcadia take its course. But if you regularly fertilize the soil and spray the plant, then as a result you can get a large crop of certainly high quality.


It is a very popular table grape variety, which is distinguished by a fairly early ripening period and very large bunches.

The color of the berries can vary from yellow-green to white, and the taste of such berries is very pleasant and devoid of any specific impurities. This variety is especially appreciated due to the fact that the berries can easily tolerate long transportation.


Like many other table varieties, Delight tolerates very well exposure to low temperatures and is highly immune to disease.

Outwardly, the bunches and berries of this variety look very impressive - the weight of one bunch can often reach two or more kilograms.

The berries themselves are notable for the fact that on their white skin, under the influence of sunlight, a kind of "tan" appears, which gives a special sophistication to each grape.

Experts note one main feature of this variety: unlike most other varieties, the bunches of Delight can hang on the bush for up to thirty to forty days without losing taste and presentation.

Pearl Saba

This variety was obtained in Hungary, but very quickly became popular in many countries, including Russia and Ukraine. Despite the fact that the size of the berries of this variety is significantly inferior to many other table varieties, the Saba Pearl wins in terms of taste.

The pulp of the grapes is very delicate and pleasant to the taste, and the skin of the berries is very thin and easy to chew. The plant tolerates frost well, but at the same time it is often affected by mildew, oidium, spider mites, birds, bees and wasps can also cause damage.

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This grape variety is familiar to almost everyone, and despite its special specific taste and not the largest size of berries, there are also lovers of this variety.

This variety is a hybrid of Vitis Labrusca and Vitis Vinifera and was first obtained in North America.

On the territory of Russia, Isabella falls in the 50s of the twentieth century and almost immediately experts appreciated this variety.

Bunches of grapes can remain on the bush for a very long time, the plant itself is very unpretentious and does not require special care, and its berries are used both fresh and used in the production of wines and juices.

Despite their name, table varieties are not only eaten fresh. Many table varieties are used to make wine, and depending on the variety, the taste of these wines is very different.

Also, table varieties tolerate transportation very well - this is their main advantage over other types.

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