Proper preparation of beets for storage for the winter: how to prune and can they be washed?

Proper preparation of beets for storage for the winter: how to prune and can they be washed?

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Beetroot is an unpretentious and familiar vegetable. But the content of vitamins and minerals in it is very high... This is pectin - for the prevention of atherosclerosis and the improvement of the gastrointestinal tract. Betaine - for the liver. Vitamin C - strengthening and maintaining immunity. Zinc - has an excellent effect on the functioning of the sex glands.

Growing beets is not at all difficult, but how to keep them for the winter? Can beets be washed in storage for the winter? Can beets be washed before storing? How to cut beet tops for storage? How to prune beets for winter storage? So, we learn how to prepare beets before storing them for the winter.

Basic Rules

For storage, it is advisable to choose winter varieties of beets. (Bordeaux -237, Bravo, Ideal, Madame Rougette, Salad, Cold-resistant 19 and others). The ripeness of beets is determined by the yellowed tops.

Harvesting must be done before the onset of the first frost in dry cool weather... Usually, root crops are dug up in the first half of October.

Root crops are carefully dug out with a pitchfork or a shovel, being careful not to damage the tubers.

Beets immediately after harvest unfolds to dry. You can do this right in the garden or under a canopy.

If you are lucky and the autumn sun warms the vegetables with its rays for 2-3 hours, then you can not imagine a better one. If the weather is rainy, then you can dry the beets in a well-ventilated area. within 3-4 days. Read on for information on whether you need to wash the beets before storing and how to prune the beets for storage for the winter.

How to prune beets for photo storage, see below.

How to sort?

Before long-term storage, it is necessary to carefully examine the fruits. They should not have dents, rot, cuts. Very large root vegetables are also not suitable, because they do not tolerate long-term storage. You need to give preference to vegetables 10-12 cm in diameter.

It is also worth sorting out small fruits. from medium, with this distribution, vegetables will be stored longer.

We select for storage only healthy, undamaged, medium-sized fruits.

Can root vegetables be washed before storage?

Beets do not need to be washed at all before storage.

Moreover, you cannot even wet it. After all, a thin layer of earth that remains on the skin of the root crop contributes to long storage.

You just need to gently clean large lumps of earth with your that they do not damage neighboring roots during storage.

It is completely unacceptable to cut off pieces of dirt with a knife, or beat the roots together. Such actions can damage the skins of vegetables and storage will be unsuccessful.

How to prune carrots and beets for winter storage photo below. How to trim beet tops for storage and how to properly trim and store beets.

How to trim the tops?

It is imperative to trim the tops. Cutting is done with a sharp knifebut not at the root. You need to leave a little more than 1 centimeter.

It is not recommended to break or twist the tops- such actions can lead to damage to the root crop. Pruning beets for storage and how to prepare beets for storage for the winter, read on.

How to prune beets?

The root crop itself also needs pruning.... Small lateral roots are carefully removed with a knife. It is allowed to cut the central root, keeping the tail 6-7 cm.

In cases where the main root is not huge and branched, it can and should be left intact - the chances of infection will be much less.

How to treat before storage?

If the beets were harvested correctly, carefully selected and properly stored, no processing is necessary. When stored properly, root vegetables can be stored for up to 8 months.

But some gardeners still prefer to process vegetables. Here are some ways to handle beets before storage.:

  • root crop processing sifted wood ash;
  • reliably protects beets from infections and chalk powder. Before storage, the fruits are carefully rolled in it;
  • "Salt method"... Root crops are treated with saline (250 grams of salt is taken in a bucket of water), then they are thoroughly dried and sent for winter storage;
  • beetroot processing from clay. To do this, the clay is diluted with water to the state of liquid sour cream. After such processing, the fruits are also thoroughly dried.

Other rules

During all methods of preparation for storage, it is important not to damage the skin. After all, the slightest damage can become a source of infection. whole fruit.

It is fundamentally important to harvest the beets before the first frost. Otherwise, root crops can acquire a disease such as gray rot, which can lead to spoilage of the entire crop.

For information on how to properly cut beets for storage for the winter, see the photo below.

All these simple rules will help to save the beet crop. for an extended period. But beets are known among the people not only for their beneficial qualities, but also for their healing properties. No wonder the people came up with the following proverb: "The beet is useful for us, we keep it in reserve."

Enjoy your harvest all year long! To everyone's joy, to their health! Now you know how to prepare beets for storage for the winter.

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