Storage of onions, green onions, sets and leeks in the conditions of an apartment and your house in winter

Storage of onions, green onions, sets and leeks in the conditions of an apartment and your house in winter

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After the onion has been harvested, the question arises of how to save it for planting next spring and food use throughout the year.

Subject to certain conditions, onions are perfectly stored not only in the cellar (read about this method of storing onions in the article "Storing onions in a cellar (basement)"), but also in the apartment... Let's talk about how and what to store different varieties of onions at home.

Basic Rules

How to store onions at home in an apartment? Rules:

  1. For long-term storage only uninfected ripe onions without mechanical damage are suitable. It should have thin necks and strong scales (an immature one will rot, there is a high probability of infection with diseases, and an overripe one can give roots again, having lost dry scales).
  2. Before storage, the crop should be well dry.
  3. When trimming, the onion is left with a minimum 4 centimeters of the neck.
  4. Required condition - breathability containers.
  5. In winter, you need twice or three times sort out onions, remove rotten bulbs, and if it is damp, dry again.
  6. Excessive humidity air negatively affects the condition of stored vegetables. This should be taken into account when choosing a place for a bow in an apartment.

Please note: to solve such a problem as onion sprouting, you can use lime paste.

It is coated with the root lobes of the bulbs after cutting the roots.

Another way - burning roots... The disadvantage of both onion treatments is that after them it cannot be used as planting material.

How to store onions at home?

You can learn how to remove and dry onions for storage at home from the video:


How do I prepare onions for storage? Harvested bulbs dried for two weeks, laying them out in a thin layer on a dry surface (boards, bedspreads, etc.) outside. In case of bad weather, the onion is dried by spreading it in a thin layer in a well-ventilated room (for example, on the veranda or on the balcony).

Another variant - dry the onions using the oven... It is heated and turned off, when it becomes warm inside the cabinet (not hot), put onions there.

He shouldn't be overdried, a sign of which are severely cracked scales.

The bulbs must be cleaned of excess scales and earth. After drying, the leaves are cut off, leaving 4 -5 cm neck, and roots without damaging the bulb itself.

Bow sort, selecting the bad: wet, with a green neck, soft, damaged. Dried and dense onions are left for storage.

Grown in unfavorable conditions (frequent rains, cold, cloudy) onions before drying, remove scales as much as possible... He should be nearly naked. When the onions dry, the scales will reappear on them.

The nuances and storage conditions of onions in this video:

Container and place

How to store onions at home? In an apartment (house), onions can be stored in different containers. The following storage methods comfortable, effective and time-tested:

  1. Wicker basket has openings that allow air to pass through. The material for its manufacture is environmentally friendly. Wicker items look aesthetically pleasing.
  2. Low drawers economical in terms of space: they can be stacked on top of each other. In them, the bow does not "suffocate", because it is ventilated.
  3. Lying in a cardboard box the bow can also be ventilated by making holes on all sides of the box.
  4. Filled with onions nylon tights or stockings they are unlikely to decorate a room or kitchen on the walls, but it is convenient to store them in the pantry.
  5. Bags - another option for a convenient container for storing onions. The main thing is not to pour more than a 30-centimeter layer of onions into them.
  6. Grids allow you to visually monitor the condition of the onion: rotten and sprouted bulbs in them are immediately noticeable. The nets provide good air circulation for long-term storage of crops.

From onions also weaving braids, which can become not only one of the ways to store crops, but also a decoration of the kitchen.

Find out how to weave bow braids for storage in an apartment from this video:

Where to store onions in the apartment? The place where you will store the harvest must be chosen dry, and the container is permeable to air.

Fit mezzanine, wardrobe, pantry... Some housewives prefer to store chopped onions in the freezer and add them to soups, main dishes during cooking, not previously defrosting... Below we will also talk about the balcony storage of onions.

Optimal modes

Consider the conditions for storing onions at home. At what temperature should onions be stored in an apartment?

You should not put a container with onions close to battery, i.e. the temperature in the room where the onions are stored should not exceed 24 degrees Celsius.

To prevent rotting, sprouting or drying of onions, you need saturation of air with moisture not less than 50 and not more than 70 percent. If the air at home is too dry due to central heating, special humidifiers... Humidity is determined with a hygrometer. Onions do not like abrupt climatic changes.

To prevent the bulbs from drying out in conditions of low humidity, they sprinkle with husks... In order not to rot in conditions of excessively high humidity, a container with ash, sawdust or lime.

Savings terms

240 days at a temperature of +18 - +22 degrees Celsius and an air humidity of 50 - 70%.

Store chopped onions in the freezer throughout the month.

Yalta onion is kept 5 months.

Vacuum-packed dried onions are edible during a year... If the storage conditions are not airtight - from 3 to 9 months.

The ways

Where to store onions in the winter in a private house or apartment? The following methods are used to store onions and garlic at home.


  1. On the balcony (onions).
  2. How to store peeled onions in the refrigerator? In the freezer. Store it in a plastic bag, after having cleaned the bulbs from the scales, cutting them into slices and freezing them on a board or baking sheet.

This method is only suitable for small amounts of onions.


  1. In a breathable container at room temperature.
  2. Chopped dried (onions are usually dried in a dehydrator or oven). Read more in the article "Drying onions for the winter at home."

For information on how to dry turnip onions in an electric dryer, see this video:

Features of the


Green onions are stored in the refrigerator on the bottom shelf within 2 weeks. How to keep green onions in the refrigerator for a long time? Stale feathers are removed, the roots are moistened with water (feathers cannot be wetted) and wrapped in a wet cloth along with the bulbs. On top of the rag, you need to make an envelope of paper and tie it at the level of the beginning of the feathers with a rope.

Green feathers can also be rolled up for storage in the refrigerator in edible paper or put onion stalks into a container with watercovering the feathers with a package. Green feathers can be prepared for the winter, drying out them in the airfryer, in the oven or outdoors. For more information on how to store green onions, see the Storing Green Onions article.

How to store green onions in the refrigerator in this video:


How to keep leeks for the winter? Most often, the leek is sprinkled with sand for storage. Poured into the container sand 5 cm layer.

Onion stalks are placed on it in rows. The aisles are covered with a 10 cm layer of sand. With this storage method, onions within six months stays fresh.

Less commonly, this type of onion is placed in the freezer or stored in a dried form. Optimal the temperature for the leek is 1 - 2 degrees with a plus sign, and the humidity is 85 percent.

How to store leeks at home? Onions can winter and on the balcony, if you make insulation around the container with it from a blanket or, for example, an old coat. Regular inspection of the crop and removal of substandard plants (dried or diseased) is required. Read more in the article "Storing Leeks".


How to keep onions at home until spring? The fact that onions are ready for storage says rustling while tedding... For onions, a dry place is necessary. You can use a basket, box, bag as a container for it, or store the onion on a shelf (the layer of onions should not be more than 40 cm), sprinkling it with dry onion scales on top.

The bow is braided into braids and placed against the stove on the wall. Some housewives store spicy onions on the balcony... To do this, choose the strongest bulbs, dry them and put them first in the refrigerator (in the vegetable department).

Then they put the onion in a box, cover it with a blanket or old warm outerwear (this will protect the onions from sharp temperature changes), take out the box to the balcony. The amount of onion required for cooking is thawed each time in the refrigerator before use. Read more in the article "Storage of onions".


How to store onion sets at home?

Balconies, loggia, pantry, shed are not suitable for storing sevka (in these rooms, the temperature in winter drops below favorable for sevka +16 degrees).

One-centimeter bulbs are stored at room temperature, bulbs are less than 1 cm in the fall they are planted in the garden, that is, in the warmth during the winter, they dry out greatly and lose the ability to form new bulbs.

How to keep onion sets in the apartment until spring? Storage space for sevka can be fridge, which has a department with temperatures from -1 to -3. Read also "Onion sevok: storage".

Yalta onion

What are the conditions for storing Yalta onions in winter at home?

Sweet onions that do not cause tears are not stored for long, maximum 5 months, refrigerated or braided.

If stored for longer, the onions become loose and dry.

Sevok cannot be stored at temperatures from zero to +16 degrees Celsius.

Under these conditions, the bulbs quickly begin vernalization, and they have much earlier than the due date. generative organs are formed... When such a seed is planted in the ground, it goes into the arrows without giving a crop.

Using the refrigerator

Can onions be kept in the fridge and freezer? Green onions and leeks are stored in the refrigerator, while onions feels much better at a temperature of 18 to 22 degrees Celsius. It makes no sense to keep it in the refrigerator: there it becomes sluggish.

The freezer usually contains many other foods, and few people put onions in there, which can be fresh throughout the year and at room temperature.

The hostess is usually sent to the freezer a small amount of chopped onion for convenience: for a month, you can use onions that are ready to be added to food.

Read more about this in the article "Freezing onions at home for the winter."

How to keep green onions in the refrigerator to stay fresh? The condition for long-term storage of green onions in the refrigerator is that the onions must be dry. It is sorted out, dried, laid out on paper, and placed in a plastic bag. You cannot wash greens before laying., and holes should be made in the bag.

How to store leeks in the refrigerator? A small amount of leek can be stored in the refrigerator. First, they sort it out, cut off the roots and leaves. Then they are distributed in bags (about 8 pieces in each) and placed to the department for vegetables.


It is convenient to store onions in the apartment: it is all the time in availability, but this vegetable is added to many dishes.

However, improper storage can cause the bulbs to rot, causing unpleasant odors and flies.

Using our recommendations, you will store onions in the house not problematic.

Watch the video: Freezing Green Onions Money Saving Tips No More Cash in the Trash! Noreens Kitchen (June 2022).


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