Is it possible to freeze hawthorn for the winter, at home, without special skills and preparations?

Is it possible to freeze hawthorn for the winter, at home, without special skills and preparations?

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Hawthorn rightfully popular people who are passionate about traditional medicine. Hawthorn is indeed a source of beneficial vitamins that are essential for your beauty and health.

Hawthorn is wonderful berrywhich tastes good too. It is eaten with pleasure by both adults and children.

The hawthorn can be adapted both in its own plot of land, and it will actively bear fruit, as well as in the wild. Many people choose to collect these red and delicious berries with the whole family - this is truly an interesting and fun process.

Hawthorn has its own flowering period. As a rule, it falls between mid-April and mid-May. At this time, it is necessary to notice the tree from which the fruits will be plucked and make sure that pests do not appear on it.

If you do not pick this berry yourself, but prefer to buy it from other pickers, you can also check the condition of the tree from which the berries were collected by eye. Of course, it is unacceptable to eat hawthorn fruits if mold and other unpleasant elements have formed on the trunk.

Hawthorn wants to be eaten not only in the warm period, but also in winter. Of course, this is possible, but how to properly freeze hawthorn and in what form is it better to preserve all the useful properties? We will tell you about this in the most detailed way in the following paragraphs.

Short introduction

Hawthorn is a very capricious berry. He does not tolerate drying well and therefore many do not know how to prolong his life. On the one hand, according to popular belief, the cold kills all the vitamins and nutrients that should be contained in the berry. On the other hand, all of these nutrients may be slightly less, but you can have access to them all year round.

Many berries lose their beneficial properties due to improper freezing... It is not enough just to put a berry in the freezer and forget about it for a while. Everything needs the right approach and hawthorn is no exception. In this article, we will tell you in detail how exactly you need to freeze hawthorn, thereby leaving it for a long and cold winter.

Step-by-step instruction

Now that we have figured out the question: "Is it possible to freeze the hawthorn for the winter?", Let's move on to the process of preparing the berry.

How to prepare?

Hawthorn has been known to the Russian people since ancient times. Many brewed drinks from hawthorn and drank them as well as kvass. Some ate hawthorns.

This seemingly small and inconspicuous berry is able to prevent various kinds of diseases of the heart and blood vessels, and therefore is extremely popular. It is also necessary to remember that hawthorn is widespread in central Russia, but it can be found in the Urals and in the south.

The berry is quite popular. Based on it make all kinds of alcoholic beverages and for good reason... Hawthorn contributes to the fact that alcohol is more easily absorbed when it enters the bloodstream and is also quickly excreted from the body.

But, how to prepare the hawthorn for consumption after many months? How to preserve its taste? There is always a way out and this is freezing. When frozen, hawthorn loses its nutrients, but not completely, but the taste remains the same when defrosting. So let's get started.

When buying or picking berries, they must be carefully examined. They should be free of rot, dry fruits, and crushed berries. Also, if you have picked not quite ripe berries, throw them out.

Sort the berries several times and when you are sure that there are no branches and leaves left in them, you can proceed to the first stage of preparation. Put running water into a saucepan and boil it. As soon as the water starts to bubble, turn off the heat and wait for the water to cool slightly under the lid.

Now dip the berries in hot water and leave them there for fifteen twenty minutes... All dirt and debris will leave the berries and stay afloat. The rest of the contents of the berries will be intact. Now put the berries in drushlak and rinse them under running water.

Next, place the berries that have been soaked with a towel on the tray. Try to lay the berries so that there is some space for them. Leave them to dry. Now that the basic hawthorn harvests have been made for the winter before freezing, you can proceed to the next stage.

What to freeze in?

Pack the hawthorn in small batches. Be sure to bandage the packages, having previously released all the air from it.

Next, check your freezer settings. The degree of freezing in it should be medium so that vegetables and fruits do not lose nutrients from hypothermia.

Carefully revise the freezer. Berries should not be allowed to come into contact with meat or fish. Put them in a separate compartment with vegetables.

Temperature regime

Hawthorn frozen at temperatures ranging from minus twenty degrees to minus twenty-five... This is the optimum temperature. At a temperature below the hawthorn can produce juice, and the temperature above will help the berry simply lose its beneficial properties. Therefore, check the temperature settings before putting the berries in the freezer.

Storage methods

Frozen hawthorn must first be packed in bags. Choose durable polyethylene that won't tear from freezing.

Also make sure that the plastic bag was not wet... Otherwise, it will stick to the refrigerator.

Neighborhood with hawthorn should be shared only by vegetables and fruits, but by no means meat. Hawthorn must be packed in small batches to prevent re-freezing. In this case, the berry will definitely lose everything it needs.


Hawthorns can be stored in the freezer for up to six months. Unfortunately, the following months are destructive for this berry and can lead to the fact that the hawthorn simply does not simply give up all its nutrients to the cold. Therefore, in order not to forget, attach a reminder of the expiration date of the berry to the freezer, or write on the package itself.

Freezing options

Since now, you know the answer to the question: "Is it possible to freeze the fruits of a hawthorn?", We will analyze the possible options for freezing it. Someone freezes hawthorn in water, believing that ice will well preserve the properties of the berry. Someone adds other fruits to the berry.

One way or another, but freezing hawthorn is a rather delicate and painstaking process, because the result is the question of whether the beneficial substances have been preserved in the berry or not. That is why it is worth first - first of all, to get acquainted with all the methods of freezing hawthorn, preparations for the winter that will be necessary. Perhaps one of the methods will not help you preserve the benefits of the berry.


Hawthorn is very tasty and healthy berry, therefore, you should not risk its useful properties in order to conduct your own experiment. It is better to refer to our advice and then, for sure, you will be able to create yourself a stock for the winter consisting of delicious berries.

Take the question of how to freeze a hawthorn at home, with all seriousness, and maybe then you will rightfully appreciate all the gift of nature collected in one red berry.

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