Every gardener on the site can build a winter greenhouse with his own hands.

Every gardener on the site can build a winter greenhouse with his own hands.

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There are a lot of ideas for creating a winter greenhouse. These structures do not have any strict classification. They can be made of glass, film, polycarbonate with a wooden or steel frame.

There are different heating methods for greenhouse structures. You can heat the structure with water heating, electricity, biofuel, or a conventional stove.

Winter facilities options

Greenhouses can be buried in the ground or erected on the surface of the soil. The most popular architectural solutions are arched, two-slope, single-slope. In addition, the structure can be not only freestanding, but also wall-mounted or built on the top floor.

The type of greenhouse construction, dimensions, heating methods should be chosen based on what kind of plants will be grown. Nowadays, some gardeners are fond of growing citrus fruits and other exotic crops.

But a greenhouse designed for growing vegetables or growing mushrooms will not be suitable for exotic fruits. Therefore, when starting to create a greenhouse, you need to take into account the factors that affect its functionality.

Determine the size and choose a place

The standard dimensions of a greenhouse designed to meet family needs are -3 m wide, 6 m long, 2.5 m high.If a greenhouse is being built for business, then its area should be from 60 to 100 m2.

It is necessary to install the structure in an illuminated area.

Choosing heating

For greenhouses with a small area of ​​up to 20 m2, gardeners use conventional stoves or create heating of the structure using biofuel. Although the latter option is also suitable for large structures.

Manure, rotting straw, sawdust and other organic matter can be used as biofuel. Heating a greenhouse with biofuel is economical and beneficial. Organic matter is laid under the soil layer and heats and feeds the plants with minerals. Biofuel provides heating of the greenhouse to an air temperature of 20 - 30 degrees.

Greenhouse stove: buy or do it yourself

It is convenient to heat a small greenhouse with an ordinary stove, which you can make yourself or buy in a store. Solid fuel or waste oil is used to heat the greenhouse. It is beneficial to heat greenhouses with sawdust. This allows you to save as much fuel as possible.

The sawdust oven has a simple design. To create such a unit, you will need two barrels with a volume of 200 liters, a piece of pipe (150 mm) for the chimney and fittings for the manufacture of legs. The process of making a greenhouse stove consists of several stages:

  1. In the first barrel we make a hole for the chimney and weld on the pipe.
  2. A hole with a radius of 100 mm is cut in the center of the bottom of the barrel.
  3. We make a firebox from the second barrel. Mark 250 mm from the bottom and cut the barrel along this mark.
  4. We weld the legs to the firebox, cut out a hole through which firewood will be laid, install the door.
  5. We connect the firebox to the first barrel and weld it on. We make a cover.

The stove is now completely ready. If it is not possible to make a stove yourself, you can order the production of such a simple design by local craftsmen.

Stores for hobby gardeners and farmers have ready-made greenhouse stoves. Special attention should be paid to: Buleryan, Bubafonya, Slobozhanka, Breneran, Butakova other. These are long-burning convection ovens with a special two-chamber design. In the chambers of such furnaces, not only wood is burned, but also the gas released during the combustion of fuel. This makes them more efficient compared to conventional stoves "potbelly stoves".

Greenhouse materials

Polycarbonate greenhouses have recently become in great demand. Polycarbonate is a durable material that transmits sunlight well.

Sheets of cellular polycarbonate are flexible, easily take any shape, therefore polycarbonate greenhouses are often built in an arched shape. Polycarbonate retains heat well. In addition, the sheets of this material reflect infrared rays emitted by plants, which is an additional source of heat.

A more economical option is greenhouse structures covered with plastic wrap. The service life of this material, depending on the thickness, can be up to 3 years or more. But polycarbonate will last over 12 years.

The frame is made from wooden blocks or from a metal profile. Wooden parts of the frame should be pre-treated with special antiseptics to prevent wood from rotting from high humidity.

Stronger metal frame. But it also needs to be treated with anti-corrosion agents and painted.

We build a winter greenhouse with our own hands

For a winter gable greenhouse, it is necessary to make greenhouse frames. They are made from strips with a cross section of 4 cm. The height of the frame is 1.6 m, and the width is calculated according to the width of the film, usually 1.5 m. The film is pulled over the frames in two layers ("stocking").

In rails with a cross section of 50 mm, which will be used for the frame, it is necessary to make grooves for the frames. With a greenhouse width of 3 m, the angle of inclination of the roof will be 20 degrees. The length of the greenhouse structure is 6m.

A winter stationary greenhouse is installed on the foundation. It can be monolithic, block, or tape.

A shallow strip foundation is performed as follows:

  1. A trench 40 cm deep and 40 cm wide is dug around the perimeter of the future structure.
  2. We fill up with sand and make a formwork 20 cm above the ground. We will raise the foundation to such a height.
  3. We lay the reinforcement and fill it with mortar. For the solution, we take the following components: cement, sand, crushed stone in a ratio of 1x3x6.
  4. The solidification time of the foundation is 25 days.
  5. When the foundation hardens, you can mount a frame made of wooden blocks and install frames.

Four racks are fixed to the foundation with anchor bolts and the rails are mounted.
Frames are installed in grooves and fastened to the frame with nails. The gaps between the frames are closed with wooden planks.
The racks for the frame are made of bars with a cross section of 15x15 cm, bars with a cross section of 50 cm are suitable for the slats. The wall bars are connected between the rafters with a cross section of 12 cm. A ridge bar with a cross section of 10 cm is mounted on top.

A greenhouse with plastic wrap is an economical and efficient construction for growing various crops. In it you can make racks or equip the beds. To further reduce construction costs, biofuels can be used to heat such a greenhouse. In this case, there will be no need to create a heating system in the greenhouse.

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