The laurel loses leaves

Question: the laurel loses leaves

Good evening I would like an answer to know what I have to do because the laurel hedge is unduly stripping only the part near home. thanks…

Answer: the laurel loses leaves

Dear Gianni,
laurel is a vigorous shrub that is resistant to heat, cold and weather, which generally does not suffer from particular diseases; it may happen that the hedges of these plants become damaged over time, this phenomenon may be due to some reasons:
- land areas with particular water stagnation; the laurus nobilis suffers if the soil is often soaked with water, with poor drainage.
- little lighting; it often happens that some areas of the hedges are positioned so as not to be reached by sunlight. To solve this problem it is good to prune the plant so that the light penetrates inside the foliage.
- excesses of cocimation; it sometimes happens that a particular accumulation of granular fertilizer ruins some parts of the plant.
- proximity to heat sources