Beautiful and disease-resistant tomato variety "Fat Boatswain" - description and recommendations for growing

Beautiful and disease-resistant tomato variety

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The fat boatswain is a relatively new variety of tomatoes, but has already found many admirers among vegetable growers. It was bred by breeders of the National Research University of the Central Siberian Botanical Garden at the beginning of the XXI century.

You will find a full description of the variety, its detailed characteristics and cultivation features, as well as many other useful information in our article.

Tomato "Fat Boatswain": variety description

Variety nameFat boatswain
general descriptionMid-season determinant variety
Ripening period110-115 days
The formRounded
ColorRed with light strokes
Average weight of tomatoes150-180 grams
Variety yield12-14 kgs sq.m
Growing featuresStandard agricultural technology
Disease resistanceDisease resistant

Determinant standard bushes of a mid-season tomato variety Fat Boatswain are covered with medium-sized green leaves. This variety does not have F1 hybrids of the same name. It can be grown both outdoors and under film shelters. It is highly resistant to tobacco mosaic virus.

Unripe tomatoes "Fat Boatswain" are light in color with green and dark green stripes, and after ripening their main color becomes bright red, and the stripes acquire a golden straw hue.

  • Usually the fruits reach a weight of one hundred and fifty to one hundred and eighty grams.
  • They are characterized by a smooth, rounded shape and medium density.
  • Each fruit has at least four nests.
  • Its dry matter content is high.
  • These tomatoes taste good and are suitable for short-term storage.

Tomatoes Fat Boatswain can be eaten fresh or used to prepare a variety of winter preparations.

You can compare the weight of the variety with others in the table below:

Variety nameFruit weight
Fat boatswain150-180 grams
Monomakh's hat400-550 grams
Pink King300 grams
Grandee300-400 grams
Cosmonaut Volkov550-800 grams
Chocolate200-400 grams
Spasskaya Tower200-500 grams
Rookie pink120-200 grams
Palenque110-135 grams
Icicle pink80-110 grams

The main advantages of tomatoes Fat boatswain can be called:

  • High commercial quality of fruits.
  • Good yield.
  • Disease resistance.

This tomato variety has practically no drawbacks, since the breeders were able to combine all the positive qualities of other varieties in it. The main feature of this variety is increased fruit formation both when grown in the open field and when grown in a greenhouse.

You can compare the yield of the variety with others in the table below:

Variety nameYield
Fat boatswain12-14 kg per square meter
Apples in the snow2.5 kg per bush
Samara11-13 kg per square meter
Apple tree of Russia3-5 kg ​​per bush
King of Kings5 kg per bush
Kate15 kg per square meter
Long Keeper4-6 kg per bush
Crimson ringing18 kg per square meter
Grandma's gift6 kg per square meter
Crystal9.5-12 kg per square meter

A photo

Growing features

This variety of tomatoes was included in the State Register for all regions of the Russian Federation. The best period for sowing seeds in the ground is March. Before planting the seeds, the soil must be lightly tamped and mulched with peat or a soil layer, the thickness of which should be one centimeter.

After planting, pour the seeds with warm water using a strainer, cover with foil and place in a place where the air temperature is at the level of twenty-five degrees Celsius. As soon as the first shoots appear, the film can be removed, and the container with seedlings must be placed in a bright place. For five to seven days, it should grow at an air temperature of from plus fifteen to plus sixteen degrees, and then it is raised to twenty to twenty two degrees.

After the appearance of one or two leaves, it is necessary to dive the seedlings. In protected or open ground, seedlings are planted sixty to sixty-five days after sowing the seeds. By that time, the sprouts should have six to seven leaves and one flower cluster. Tomato bushes of this variety require tying and shaping into five stems.

Diseases and pests

The fat boatswain is characterized by good resistance to diseases, but if they still start attacking it, they can be dealt with with the help of fungicidal preparations. And pests will be scared away by spraying with insecticides. Try growing Fat Boatswain Tomatoes on your property and this variety will be on your list of your favorite varieties.

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