Remedy for bedbugs Tsifox, how to breed the death of bedbugs

Remedy for bedbugs Tsifox, how to breed the death of bedbugs

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Tsifox is a remedy for bedbugs that will help get rid of night bloodsuckers for sure.

Of the many offers of the modern market for pesticides against insects - pests, this is one of the most effective remedies.

Description of the drug

Tsifox for bedbugs is a drug for professional use, it is successfully used by experts - exterminators and allows you to clean the apartment of bedbugs forever.

Due to its particular toxicity, recommended for use only by specialists... In the same time, subject to certain precautions, it is possible to use it yourself... Due to its high toxicity, this drug is rather difficult to find on the market. But at present, it is still possible to find sources of acquisition.

The substance has a strong, persistent odor, which is very difficult to remove from the room.

The action of the remedy for bedbugs Tsifox is based on the substance cypermethrin... It is a highly toxic poison of the peritroid group, obtained from alkaloids. It is able to destroy the chitinous cover of insects and penetrate the body and the digestive system, blocking the impulses of the cells. Disruption of the work of various organs of bedbugs leads to the death of pests.

The drug is capable of destroying both adults and insect larvae. It acts almost instantly, and the bugs die from the destruction of the nervous system.

Composition and form of release

In addition to the main substance cypermethrin at a concentration of 25 percent, the insecticide contains Excipients:

  • Emulsifiers.
  • Stabilizers.
  • Perfume.
  • Solvent.

Digox is produced in concentrated form. It is a clear yellowish liquid. Packaged in bottles of 50, 500 and 1000 ml. A small bottle of 50 ml is enough for a complete disinsection of an apartment.

Mode of application

The poison is used in a diluted form. After dilution, the solution turns white. You need to apply it immediately after preparation. Because under the influence of oxygen, the poison is destroyed and loses its effect within 8 hours.

And so how to breed ciphox from bedbugs? The solution is prepared in a suitable container. Its concentration depends on the degree of contamination of the room:

  • For a room heavily populated with bedbugs a solution with concentration is prepared 0.05% - 2ml per 1 liter.
  • On first detection insects, there is enough solution in 0.01% - 0.4 ml per 1 liter.

Further steps are very simple:

  1. The container is shaken vigorously for 5 minutes.
  2. Then poured into a spray bottle.
  3. The solution is used to treat pieces of furniture and all suspected insect habitats..

Advantages and disadvantages

Tsifox - highly effective drug... Thanks to its long-term action, it destroys both adults. So it is with the newly hatched specimens from the larvae.

Poison quite affordable... During the treatment, in addition to bedbugs, all other insects in the apartment die. The pluses also include the low price of the poison and its efficiency.

A drug absolutely harmless to the surface of furniture... From the upholstered furniture upholstery, he disappears in a maximum of a weekso there is no need to wash it.

To the disadvantages Tsifoksa refers to him high toxicity and the possibility of poisoning using. Bed bugs can adapt to the drug, so after an unsuccessful attempt to eradicate all parasites, re-processing will be useless.

ATTENTION. The smell from the drug remains in the apartment for a long time. But this is not dangerous to health, since the poisonous effect is destroyed under the influence of oxygen.

How not to get poisoned with Tsifox

This drug is quite serious, so special care must be taken when using it:

  • For work you need to wear a protective suitwhich should then be thrown away.
  • On feet be sure to wear rubber boots, on hands rubber gloves.
  • Eyes should be protected with goggles, respiratory tract with a respirator or gauze bandage.
  • People and pets, food and dishes are removed from the room.
  • After processing the room is ventilated for at least 30 minutes.
  • After spraying you should definitely take a shower, wash intensively with soap and water the areas where the preparation may have gotten.

IMPORTANT. It is not allowed to carry out treatment with the drug by children and pregnant women, as well as people prone to allergies.

After processing, you can enter the house no earlier than 12 hours... Re-airing and wet cleaning with soap and soda solution is carried out.

ADVICE. After 12-15 days, it is advisable to re-process the premises, since during this time new copies of bedbugs will hatch from the eggs.

Signs of poisoning
Even with all safety measures, you can get poisoning when handling an apartment. About the ingestion of poison into the body evidence of nausea, dyspnea, dizziness, in severe cases - vomiting.

If you have these symptoms:

  • you need to rinse your mouth and nose with a soda solution;
  • make a gastric lavage and take an adsorbent;
  • in the presence of cramps in the eyes, apply albucid;
  • in severe cases, it is advisable to consult a doctor.

Keep the purchased drug out of the reach of children.away from food. Do not allow the vial to heat up during storage.

Tsifox will help to quickly and permanently free the apartment from bed bloodsuckers. If you follow all instructions for its use, it will not harm your health.

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