He's not "funny" anymore! Cucaracha from cockroaches instructions for use

Manufacturers knowingly called their creation "Cucaracha", which translates as cockroach from Spanish.

And indeed!

A powerful combination product that can deal with a serious invasion of nasty insects!

What is this remedy?

Combined insecticide, which contains such well-known substances as malathion and cypermethrin.

The first is a proven organophosphate compound that in the body of an insect it turns into a very toxic substancequickly destroying the cockroach.

Malathion blocks the transmission of nerve impulses and enhances the action of cypermethrin.

Pyrethroid cypermethrin significantly slows down the opening and closing of the sodium channels of the nervous systemthan incapacitates it. As a result, quickly paralysis of all limbs occurs and the death of the insect.

Thus the cockroach's body receives a powerful blow from both sides at once, so he has very little chance of survival!

ATTENTION! It has been proven that cypermethrin does not cause resistance in insects at all, therefore it can be used repeatedly.

Cucaracha can enter the pest's body through the digestive tract (intestinal route) and in contact with the outer covers of the body. On their paws, cockroaches bring insecticide into the nest, contributing to the poisoning of a large number of pests. In addition, malathion works as a fungicide, poisoning the respiratory tract of insects.

Release form

Cucaracha is produced in the form of a 30% emulsion concentrate, packaged in 50 ml plastic bottles and 1 liter bottles.

Pros and cons of the drug


  • Performance... The insecticide takes effect half an hour after application.
  • Long term... The protective period lasts long enough due to cypermethrin, which retains its qualities for about 19-29 days. It does not degrade even under ultraviolet radiation and high temperature.
  • Profitability... Cucaracha is distinguished by a rather low cost and economy of use. One bottle of 50 ml is usually enough to go through a standard two-room apartment.
  • Versatility... Possesses a wide spectrum of influence, destroying also such pests as fleas, bugs, flies and ticks.


  • Before use, you will have to prepare a working solution..
  • The insecticide has an unpleasant, pungent odor that does not disappear soon..
  • The product does not destroy eggs, so the treatment must be repeated after 13-16 days.
  • The drug is harmful to people and pets.

Average price in Russia:

  • Bottle 50 ml costs about 200-250 rubles.
  • Liter bottle can be purchased for 1500-1600 rubles.

How to prepare a working solution

The concentrated preparation must be diluted with cool water in the ratio of 2.5-3 ml of the product per 1 liter... Mix thoroughly and place in a container equipped with a spray bottle. An ordinary syringe with a needle can also be used instead.

ATTENTION! The ready-made working solution cannot be stored at all! It is used immediately after dilution!

The consumption of the diluted product is on average 45-55 ml per square meter of area... Strongly absorbent surfaces increase the consumption of insecticide up to 90-100 ml.

Instructions for use

The solution does not need to be poured over the entire apartment. To destroy a pest colony it is enough to spray the product in those places where cockroaches are often, and nooks and crannies. First of all, you should go through the kitchen, in which there is a source of food for insects, as well as bathrooms where cockroaches get their water.

It is desirable to treat with a means skirting boards, floors under linoleum and other coatings, the back of the furniture, walls behind heaters.

If you do a thorough spring cleaning beforehand, depriving cockroaches of the opportunity to get drunk and eat after poisoning, the chances of their complete destruction are greatly increased.

Safety precautions when working with Cucarache

The insecticide contains two components that are unsafe for humans and their pets. Therefore, it is classified as hazard class 2, that is, it is moderately toxic. In case of drug poisoning, symptoms such as lack of coordination, dizziness, inhibition of reactions, nausea, convulsions and convulsions.

IMPORTANT! With constant intake of malathion into the body, it works as a carcinogen, causing the development of malignant tumors.

Cucaracha insecticide is very toxic to fish and other aquatic inhabitants, therefore the remains of the product after work cannot be poured into the sewer or some kind of body of water.

When preparing the working solution and the subsequent operation for processing the premises, it is necessary to protect with special means - gloves, respirator, glasses and suit... After work, they need to be hung out on the street for ventilation and drying.

Before processing food and hygiene items should be packed in impermeable plastic bags, disconnect the aquarium compressor from the power supply, cover the aquarium itself with a lid. Remove animals and people from the house for a while.

After the operation, you need to leave the apartment for a few hours, and preferably at night. Then thoroughly ventilate the premises, eliminating the smell of insecticide, and rinse the product with a soda solution with the addition of laundry soap. In hidden places where children and pets cannot reach, the insecticide can be left. Malathion, toxic to the respiratory tract, will disappear in the first hours after treatment, and cypermethrin will be able to destroy the remains of the colony for the next 2-3 weeks.

Insecticide Cucaracha is a modern effective tool that successfully eliminates unwanted proximity to cockroaches.

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