Fighting cockroaches in the apartment: electronic and ultrasonic electronic cockroach repellents

Fighting cockroaches in the apartment: electronic and ultrasonic electronic cockroach repellents

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Cockroaches are considered the most tenacious insects, they feel good in the most unfavorable conditions, continue to live without a head for another week and die only because they stop feeding.

Many chemicals and folk recipes are powerless in front of them, their main drawback is toxicity for humans and pets, to carry out the treatment, it is most often required to leave the premises, which is not always possible.

The ideal way to fight cockroaches is considered to be special scarers, they are easy to operate and absolutely safe for good health.

What scares off cockroaches? The devices are not aimed at destroying insects, as a result radiation cockroaches are negatively affected begin leave premises.

Cockroach repellents

All electronic devices can be conditionally divided into the following types:

  • ultrasonic;
  • magnetic resonance.

The main advantage electronic scarers is ease of use - they must be plugged into an outlet (install rechargeable or conventional batteries), the distance from the floor should be within 20-40 cm.

They expensive conventional means against cockroaches, the average cost can be from 500 to 950 rubles. More expensive devices are designed for large premises (warehouses, storage facilities); it is not recommended to use them in apartments or houses.


Under the influence of electromagnetic impulses, pests hide as far from the source as possible. The electronic cockroach repeller can be used as long as you like - it does not harm the health of people and animals.

The electronic remedy for cockroaches in the apartment must be plugged into the outlet, the repeller functions on low-wave frequencies, which affect the central nervous system of cockroaches and other insects.


  • compact size;
  • no requirements for the creation of special storage conditions;
  • efficiency;
  • absence of dead insects;
  • security.

The optimal temperature for using an electromagnetic repeller is considered to be the range from 0 to 40 degrees; to enhance the effect, several devices can be turned on at the same time.

TO disadvantages can be attributed to a fairly high cost.


Ultrasonic cockroach repeller emits inaudible to humans high frequency waves extremely unpleasant for cockroaches.

The effect of ultrasonic waves on insects has a scientific basis - mosquitoes, having heard sounds similar to those emitted by bats, leave the place of its origin in fear.

Ultrasound also helps against cockroaches, this principle is applied in the manufacture of devices. At the heart of their functioning is an integrated microcircuit, which includes the components of a trigger and a multivibrator, as a result, antiphase and symmetrical signals are formed at the outputs.

A sound source is connected to these outputs, which is used as piezoceramic emitter. According to reviews, the device helps to get rid not only of cockroaches, but also of midges, domestic ants, etc.

Benefits development:

  • ease of use;
  • non-toxicity, safety for people and animals;
  • the possibility of processing in the presence of people;
  • large range - the effect of a device installed in one room extends to the entire apartment;
  • extended spectrum of action - not only cockroaches die, but also other insects.

Despite the large number of advantages, the ultrasonic cockroach trap has both limitations:

  • quite high cost;
  • questionable security.

An ultrasound device for cockroaches is not recommended for use during pregnancy - an unborn child hears ultrasound, the effect of which is comparable to the roar of a passing underground train.

Riddex pest repelling aid

The principle of operation of the repeller is based on connecting to the network, after connecting the wiring turns into repeller, under the influence of which not only cockroaches scatter, but also fleas, ants, rats, mice.

The device is also equipped with flashing LEDs that have a negative effect on pests. The area of ​​influence of the riddex pest repelling aid reaches 200 sq.m., unlike other models, its does not need to be installed in multiple rooms.

The device from cockroaches must be plugged into an outlet and kept in the network until the insects disappear completely, in the future it is recommended to turn it on occasionally for preventive purposes.

Pests begin to show concern after the first week, mice and rats disappear after 14-20 days, insects - after 7-12 weeks. The device is suitable for use in residential and public areas, repeller absolutely safe for health, does not affect the operation of electrical engineering.

For more information about this repeller, see the video:

DIY ultrasonic cockroach repeller

To create a scarer with your own hands, you will need a special scheme; this can be done only if you have certain knowledge and skills.

Required elements:

  • Toggle switch and diode d;
  • capacitors C1, C2;
  • UZ element for sound reproduction (piezo emitter);
  • transistors T1, T2;
  • variable resistors and R1, R2, R3, R4, R5.

The function of the resistors is to limit the current strength and regulate the voltage in the network, the variable resistor is designed to adjust the frequency of the ultrasound at the output.

The piezo emitter can be any from any manufacturer, as well as a toggle switch, with which the device is turned on and off.

Capacitors and transistors provide frequency circuit together with resistors, the diode is designed to protect the device from incorrect switching on.

To create a board, blanks for radio amateurs are required; in a repeller of this type, it should be possible to regulate the power and frequency of waves, which will allow the device to be used to repel different types of pests.

For this purpose, it is used variable resistor, parallel to which the frequency meter is connected, the power depends on the power source (power range 1.5-12 V).

When self-made, such a device will cost only 400 rubles, while the repeller can be used to combat different types of insects, for this it is enough to switch the frequency using a resistor.

Scheme assembly is shown in the picture.


Electronic scarers are considered the most effective a way to control cockroaches, the main advantage is health safety and ease of use.

Insects don't get used to them as happens with chemicals. Repellers are ultrasonic and electromagnetic, a simple model can be made by hand.

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