Decoration of your garden - tomato variety "Marusya": we grow and care

Decoration of your garden - tomato variety

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In the article we will consider the tomato variety "Marusya". It is not only delicious, but also very beautiful. The country of withdrawal is Russia, 2007. The variety can become a real decoration of your garden plot. And to understand if you want to plant it at home, read our article.

In it you will find not only a complete description of the variety and its characteristics, but also get acquainted with the main features of cultivation.

Tomato "Marusya": description of the variety and its characteristics

Variety nameMarusya
general descriptionMid-season determinant variety
Ripening period100-110 days
The formPlum
Average weight of tomatoes60-80 grams
Variety yieldup to 7.5 kg per sq. meters
Growing featuresStandard agricultural technology
Disease resistanceResistant to most diseases

Medium early (up to 110 days), determinant variety "Marusya" is suitable for open ground and film shelters. It is not a hybrid and a standard bush.

Outwardly, it is a leafy bush with a height of 50 to 100 cm. The fruits in a bundle are similar to a bunch of grapes, which adds to the "Marusa" also a decorative function. High resistance to verticillosis and fusarium wilt.

One square meter can produce up to 7.5 kg of tomatoes. In the northwestern regions, the first harvest ripens by July 28-30. By the end of summer, the harvest season usually ends.

Advantages of the variety:
Tomato variety "Marusya" is resistant to diseases. Well tolerates night and daytime temperature fluctuations, as well as heat. Abundant, fruit density is consistently high. Suffers long transportation.

Features of the variety:
This variety of tomatoes is kept fresh for a long time, at the same time it is suitable for canning. Suitable for professional cultivation and sale to shops.

You can compare the weight of the variety with others in the table:

Variety nameYield
Marusyaup to 7.5 kg per square meter
Boney M14-16 kg per square meter
Aurora F113-16 kg per square meter
Leopold3-4 kg per bush
Sanka15 kg per square meter
Argonaut F14.5 kg per bush
Kibitz3.5 kg per bush
Heavyweight of Siberia11-12 kg per square meter
Honey cream4 kg per square meter
Ob domes4-6 kg per bush
Marina Grove15-17 kg per square meter

Description of the fruit:

  • Intensely red plum-shaped fruits.
  • By weight, on average, from 60 to 80 g.
  • Each tomato is 2-3 chambered, dense.
  • High level of dry matter.
  • Do not crack or fall off before harvesting.
  • The taste is full-bodied. The skin is firm.

This is a universal variety, which means that tomato bunches of "Marusya" will be good both in salad and in salting. The fruits can be kept fresh for a long time. These tomatoes tolerate transportation well and are ideal for sale.

You can compare the weight of fruits with other varieties in the table below:

Variety nameFruit weight
Marusya60-80 grams
Marissa150-180 grams
Rio grande100-115 grams
Sugar cream20-25 grams
Orange Russian 117280 gram
Buddy110-200 grams
Wild Rose300-350 grams
Russian domes200 grams
Apple Spas130-150 grams
Domes of Russia500 gram
Honey Drop10-30 grams

A photo

Below are a few photos of a tomato variety "Marusya":

Growing features

Growing regions. The variety will take root in a wide range of regions.

REFERENCE: Territories even with a lack of humidity are suitable for "Marusya".

The cultivation method is seedling. The best time for sowing is 50-55 days before planting in the ground. Seeds must be planted in boxes, after taking care of special soil - 2 parts of sod land and humus, plus 1 part of sand. Sprinkle the seeds on top. A suitable temperature regime is not lower than 16 degrees.

When the sprouts release 2 real leaves, they can be dived into the pots. It should be planted in the ground after the frost is behind.

You need to remove stepsons only up to the first flower brush. In the process of growing seedlings, it is recommended to feed one week before planting the seedlings with full mineral fertilizer, with a predominance of potassium and phosphorus.

Diseases and pests

"Marusya" is resistant to the most common tomato sores, including late blight. As a rule, it does not crack, but with the wrong irrigation technique you can find, for example, cracks on both unripe and red tomatoes. Adjust the watering mode and everything will be back to normal.

In the fight against such a pest as whitefly, the drug Confidor will help. If your crop is overwhelmed by slugs, treat the land around the bushes with a mixture of ash, lime and tobacco dust.

If you find a spider mite, use Karbofos - spray the bushes according to the instructions.

Easy-to-care tomato variety "Marusya" will take root even in the driest climates. And thanks to their universal purpose, you can feel the wonderful taste of these tomatoes both in winter and in summer.

Early ripeMid lateMedium early
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HurricaneRaspberry miracleSultan
Red RedMarket miracleLazy dream
Volgograd PinkDe Barao BlackNew product of Transnistria
HelenaDe Barao OrangeGiant Red
May roseDe Barao RedRussian soul
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