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"Zhuravushka" ("Zhuravinka") is a multi-tuber table potato variety first bred in Belarus. According to the ripening period, it belongs to the middle-late varieties.

The yield is 640 kg / ha, which is a fairly high figure. Intended for table use, but quite often used for the production of chips.

Description of the variety

Variety nameZhuravinka
general characteristicsBelarusian medium-late high-yielding table variety with large tubers
Ripening period100-120 days
Starch content14-19%
Mass of marketable tubers90-157 gr
The number of tubers in the bushbefore 18
Yieldup to 640 c / ha
Consumer qualitiesmedium digestibility, pleasant taste, suitable for processing into chips, does not darken during cooking
Keeping quality96%
Peel colorred
Pulp colorlight yellow
Preferred growing regionsany
Disease resistancemoderately resistant to rhizoctonia, late blight
Growing featuresit is recommended to plant tubers rarely
OriginatorRUE SPC NAS of Belarus for potato and horticulture

Medium-sized erect plants with a powerful thick stem and medium-sized dark green leaves. During the flowering period, the color of the corolla is purple-red. The fruits are small in size, round or oval in shape with a slightly reticulate red skin and small eyes. The pulp is colored cream or light yellow. The starch content varies from 14% to 19%. The mass of an average marketable tuber is 83-139 g.

You can compare the starch content in Zhuravinka tubers with other varieties using the data in the table below:

Variety nameStarch content


"Zhuravushka" refers to unpretentious potato varieties... A strong root system ensures high yields even in harsh conditions. During strong temperature fluctuations, only 40% of the leaves die off in the plant, which is not so much compared to other varieties. In addition, potatoes tolerate well the lack of moisture in the soil.

Therefore, "Zhuravushka" can be considered suitable for almost all climatic and natural conditions. The variety has good keeping quality.

You can see the keeping quality indicators for other varieties in the table below:

Variety nameKeeping quality
Timo96%, but tubers germinate early

Growing features

If your choice fell on "Zhuravushka", you need to remember that areas with high access to sunlight are more suitable for growing potatoes.

Agrotechnical methods are standard: hilling, mulching, fertilizing, watering.

During dry periods, the plant requires a regular watering regime. In addition, when growing potatoes of this variety, it is better to refrain from using nitrogen fertilizers or significantly reduce their volume.

A photo

The photo shows the potato variety Zhuravinka:

Diseases and pests

The advantages of the variety "Zhuravushka" include its resistance to various kinds of diseases. Potatoes are immune to widespread leaf blight, black leg, common scab, rhizoctonia and viruses.

Also, the plant is resistant to rot and parasites, which is an advantage with a long shelf life. It should be noted, however, that the plant may be susceptible to nematodes.

As for insect pests, the greatest harm is caused by wireworms, bears, potato moths and Colorado beetles. Read the articles on our site on how to deal with parasites:

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  2. We get rid of the bear with the help of chemistry and folk remedies.
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    • Prestige.

Advantages and disadvantages

High consumer qualities of this product deserve special attention. The likelihood of encountering spoiled tubers during digging is minimized.

It is grown both for industrial purposes and in gardens and vegetable gardens. Root vegetables are well stored.

We bring to your attention detailed information about the storage of potatoes: terms, places, temperature and possible problems. About the conditions in which root crops are stored in winter, in vegetable stores, in an apartment, in a cellar, on a balcony, in boxes, in a refrigerator and peeled.

Potatoes has good taste, therefore it is suitable for cooking both regular dishes and crispy potatoes.

"Zhuravinka" was first bred by Belarusian breeders. As you know, in Belarus, potatoes are the second bread, therefore in the country they are especially scrupulous about growing this product.

The residents themselves are proud of the fact that they were able to grow potatoes of such high quality, and they can happily cook an incredible amount of various dishes from this vegetable.


Thus, the Zhuravushka potato variety is an excellent choice for planting on your personal plot.

The high yield of potatoes is ensured thanks to good adaptability to natural conditions and high resistance to diseases and parasites. And, of course, the most important factor for which this product should be especially noted is its unrivaled taste in any form.

There are many ways to grow potatoes. We have prepared for you a series of interesting articles on this topic. Read everything about modern Dutch technologies, about the intricacies of caring for early varieties, what kind of potatoes are loved in Russia and in other countries of the world. And also everything about unusual methods - under straw, in bags, in boxes, in barrels, from seeds.

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