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One of the main factors influencing the receipt of a good potato harvest is the correctly selected planting material. One of the new promising potato varieties is the "Vector" variety.

In this article, we will consider from all sides the "Vector" potato variety - characteristics, appearance, yield and cultivation features.

Potatoes "Vector": description of the variety

Variety nameVector
general characteristicsmid-season table variety of Russian selection
Ripening period80-100 days
Starch content17-19%
Mass of marketable tubers92-143 gr
The number of tubers in the bush8-13
Yield460-700 c / ha
Consumer qualitiesgood and excellent taste, suitable for mashing and starching
Keeping quality97%
Peel colorcream
Pulp colorcream
Preferred growing regionsCentral, Volgo-Vyatka, Central black earth
Disease resistancethe variety is resistant to potato cancer, susceptible to golden potato nematode, moderately susceptible to late blight in tops and tubers
Growing featuresstandard agricultural technology
OriginatorAll-Russian Research Institute of Potato Farming named after A.G. Lorkha

Bushes are low, semi-erect. The leaves of the tops are small, intermediate, dark green. The flowers are purple, rather large. Round-oval tubers, medium size, mass of potatoes is 92-143 g... Root crops have a fairly dense red skin with small eyes. The pulp is dense, juicy, light yellow in color.

Breeding history

The species was bred by specialists of the State Scientific Institution of the All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Potato Farming named after V.I. A.G. Lorkha together with colleagues from the State Scientific Institution of the All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Phytopathology of the Russian Agricultural Academy by crossing the 1977-76 and Zarevo varieties.

In 2014 it was included in the Russian "State Register of Breeding Achievements Approved for Use".

A photo

These photos show the "Vector" potato variety:


According to the register "Vector" is proposed for cultivation on sod-podzolic and peat-bog soils of the Central region of Russia.

The variety belongs to the mid-season, from the moment of planting 80-100 days pass before the formation of marketable tubers. For full maturation of root crops, the sum of effective temperatures for the entire period of plant development should be 1400–1600 ° C, the amount of precipitation should be at least 300 mm (mainly during the period of tuber formation).

The average potato yield is 46 t / ha, with the most favorable weather conditions the result reaches 70 t / ha.

You can compare the yield of the Giant with other varieties based on the data in the table:

Variety nameYield
Giant460-700 c / ha
Margarita300-400 c / ha
Aladdin450-500 c / ha
Courage160-430 c / ha
Beauty400-450 c / ha
Grenada600 c / ha
Hostess180-380 c / ha
Vector670 c / ha
Mozart200-330 c / ha
Sifra180-400 c / ha

The marketability of the crop is 90-98%, the amount of waste during winter storage does not exceed 5%.

In the table below you will find indicators of the main important characteristics of other potato varieties for comparison with the Giant:

Variety nameWeight of marketable tubers (grams)Keeping quality
Svitanok Kiev90-12095%
Bryansk delicacy75-12094%

Content starch in tubers is in the range of 17-19%... Taste qualities of root crops are good, with mechanical processing the tubers do not darken, according to the culinary type they belong to group B (medium digestibility). The variety is suitable for industrial processing - the production of chips.

Tops and tubers "Vector" resistant to late blight, viral infections, alternaria, common scab, cancer causative agent... The variety is not very susceptible to banded and wrinkled mosaics, leaf curling. Most susceptible to damage by the potato golden cyst nematode.

Growing features

Potatoes are planted in early May.

It is recommended to fully huddle the first shoots (manually or using a walk-behind tractor) in order to avoid damage to the tops during the return period of spring frosts. But even if these measures are not taken, there will not be much damage to the crop.

During the growing season, you need two root dressings mineral fertilizers. Read more about what fertilizers are the best, what is really worth feeding the plants, when and how to apply them, how to do it correctly when planting.

"Vector" is drought-resistant, additional watering (except for precipitation) is not required. Mulching is excellent for weed control.

Diseases and pests

Disease control is mainly reduced to the elimination of the golden nematode. As a preventive measure, in the spring and autumn they carry out soil treatment with lime and special preparations... The planting material is carefully sorted out and the affected tubers are removed. The break between planting potatoes in one place should be at least a year.

The main advantages of "Vector" - good productivity, drought resistance, high taste - allow this variety to become widespread among business farmers and amateur gardeners.

Find out more about the golden nematode that the Vector can be susceptible to:

Also let me introduce you to other methods of growing potatoes: Dutch technology, without weeding and hilling, under straw, in bags, in barrels, in boxes. In addition, read articles on how to properly grow early varieties, which countries are the leaders in growing potatoes, and why solanine is dangerous.

Below in the table you will find links to materials about potatoes with different ripening periods:

Mid-seasonMedium earlyMid late
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