Cold is not a hindrance - we will find out when to plant peppers for seedlings in Siberia: selection and preparation of seeds, when to plant, care after transplanting into open ground

Cold is not a hindrance - we will find out when to plant peppers for seedlings in Siberia: selection and preparation of seeds, when to plant, care after transplanting into open ground

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Pepper is a rather capricious and thermophilic culture.

Nevertheless, gardeners sow peppers for seedlings in Siberia, and even more, they grow crops with great success.

The key is to know when to plant seeds for seedlings and then provide the pepper with proper care when grown outdoors.

Sowing dates for peppers for seedlings in Siberia

Pepper varieties are distinguished by the ripening period. The timing of sowing seeds for seedlings depends on them, peppers in Siberia for seedlings must be sown taking into account the harsh climatic conditions. It is necessary to guess the ripening time of peppers in the open field for the warmest summer time - July, early August.

When to sow peppers for seedlings in Siberia? Varieties and growth time before planting in open ground:

  1. Early varieties... The seedlings ripen for 100-120 days, the seedlings for planting in open ground are 50-60 days old, the seeds are sown in mid-March.
  2. Mid-season... The ripening period of seedlings from the moment of sowing is 120-135 days, the age of seedlings for planting is 60 days, the time of sowing for seedlings is the third decade of February.
  3. Late varieties... The ripening period is 136-150 days, the age of the seedlings for planting is 60-75 days, the sowing time is the beginning of February.

The ripening time of seedlings and their age for planting are very different in terms of timing because the seed germination time can vary from 14 to 35 days.

When to plant peppers for seedlings in Siberia according to the lunar calendar?

This method of determining when to plant vegetable crops is very popular with gardeners. Moon calendar recommends planting pepper on the growing moon, since its fruits are above the ground, on the branches. This means that its juices should strive upward in order to nourish the stem and fruits.

However, you should not be guided only by the lunar calendar. This is not enough to get a good harvest. Each vegetable has its own rules of agricultural technology and the subtleties of cultivation.

Seedling seeds

If you want to grow a good crop of peppers, you need to start with seeds. But it is also important to know how to plant peppers for seedlings in Siberia?

Own or purchased

Pepper seeds can be purchased at the store. When buying them, it should be borne in mind that manufacturers often extend the shelf life by drying.

These seeds need to be planted 2 weeks earlier than your own because they will take longer to germinate. The first shoots of them will appear no earlier than in 4 weeks. The shelf life of seeds is 3 years.

We define quality

There are several ways to determine seed germination. The most common is immersing them in 5% saline solution... Good full-fledged seeds will go to the bottom in 10 minutes, and weak ones will float.

They must be drained, the good seeds must be washed with water to remove salt and treated with a weak solution of potassium permanganate. Then they are placed in wet gauze for germination. Learn more about preparing seeds before planting.

The second way to check is test sowing of several seeds from each bag... They must be planted in compliance with all planting technology. Two facts will be important for you: when and how many seeds have sprung up. Now you know exactly what quality you bought planting material, and in what time frame it needs to be sown. A test seeding can be done at any time.

Cooking seeds

If the test seeds have sprouted well, then there is no need to cook them. They are sown dry in prepared soil. If the result of the test planting was unsatisfactory, they need to be worked with. there is several ways to increase their germination:

  • After half an hour of soaking the seeds in a strong solution of potassium permanganate, they are placed in warm melt water for a day. Then they are wrapped in damp gauze and placed in a plastic bag, leaving access to air. As soon as they hatch (6-7 days), you can plant.
  • Wood ash infusion... Soaking lasts 1-2 days. Ash water will give the seeds a lot of nutrients and microelements. Then they are placed for germination, as described in paragraph 1.
  • Use growth stimulants according to the instructions.
  • Seed bubbling, that is, their saturation with oxygen. This can be done with an aquarium compressor. Seeds are placed in the water and air is supplied there. This processing lasts a day. It increases germination well. Do it 14 days before planting.

Landing in the ground

Consider the nuances of growing peppers in Siberia in the open field.

Overexposure of seedlings is fraught with the fact that the pepper bush will take root in a new place worse and bear less fruit. The most appropriate time will be the moment when the first flower bloomed at the first fork..

Pepper is a delicate culture, it has a very sensitive root system... So that the plant takes root well and does not hurt after transplanting into the ground, it is done by transshipment, without disturbing the roots and leaving an earthen lump on them.

In the Siberian climate, this is especially important, because these 7-10 days, while the roots will adapt to a new place, will shift the ripening of fruits, which is unacceptable for a too short summer.

Root damage can be avoided by immediately sowing the seeds in separate plastic bags or cardboard containers. They can be carefully cut and transplanted without disturbing the roots.

If transshipment planting is impossible for some reason, give your bushes a head start by planting them a week earlier.

Where pepper is grown

Many gardeners in Siberia prefer not to take risks and grow peppers in a greenhouse. If the seedlings are planted in mid-February, then planting in the ground can be planned for the end of April.

If it is an open solar bed or a film greenhouse, then the landing should be done after the end of the last frost, and this is the period from May 15 to 30. This means that the seedlings must be sown before March 15th.

Transplant rules

The place for pepper in the garden must be chosen windless with fertile soil... The pepper ridge is being prepared in the fall. Before digging a bed, you need to fertilize with a potassium-phosphorus mixture... Add organic matter while digging. In the spring, before planting, the soil is disinfected with a solution of copper sulfate (1 tablespoon per 10 liters of water).

For 2 weeks after transplanting seedlings into the ground, you can begin to harden it... To do this, during the day, boxes with bushes must be exposed to fresh air.

The disembarkation is done according to the 50x50 scheme. It is better to plant different varieties of peppers away from each other so that they do not get dusty:

  • in prepared holes up to 17 cm deep, it is necessary to pour 2 liters of water;
  • after it is absorbed, place seedlings in them, deepening it a little more than it grew in pots;
  • cover the holes with earth and compact the earth well around the bush.

For better survival of seedlings and so that the buds do not fall off, the day before planting, you can cultivate the land with epin.

Nothing is impossible for Siberian gardeners, including the cultivation of an excellent harvest of peppers. The main thing is not to lose sight of anything and to do everything on time. Good harvests to everyone!

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