Tips and tricks on how to grow cucumbers on a windowsill in an apartment in winter? Features of planting and caring for seedlings at home

Eating fresh vegetables is very beneficial for your health. However, it is not always possible to go to the country house and start growing cucumbers in a greenhouse.

There is a solution to this problem - growing cucumbers on a windowsill in winter in your own apartment! This is not at all as difficult as it seems at first glance.

Today we will tell you how to grow cucumbers on a windowsill in an apartment in winter?

Seed selection

Before you grow cucumbers at home on the windowsill, you need to choose the right seeds. They must meet two of the most important criteria:

  • self-pollination;
  • short stature.

TO the most suitable varieties for growing cucumbers at home on a windowsill include the following:

  • Natasha;
  • Masha;
  • Fontanelle;
  • Smear;
  • Stella;
  • Thumb Boy;
  • Miracle at the window;
  • Ant.

A useful video with advice on choosing a variety and personal experience of growing some varieties on a windowsill:

Preparing for landing

It is a good idea to prepare the seeds before planting them for growing cucumbers at home on the windowsill. To do this, you can dip in a weak solution of potassium permanganate (pale pink), hold them there for 3 hours, then remove.

You need to choose those seeds that have sunk to the bottom of the container with potassium permanganate, and those that float on the surface are best discarded, since their germination is very low.

The soil for seedlings can be purchased ready-made, or you can make it yourself. Shop the soil must meet the following requirements:

  • looseness;
  • good air permeability;
  • pH (acidity) not less than 6.6;
  • good absorbency;
  • contain the necessary set of substances for comfortable growth.

For self-preparation of the soil, you need to take two-fifths of the land from the nearest garden bed, one-fifth of humus, one part of peat, one part of river sand. We mix all the components and get a wonderful soil for seedlings. You can also add fertilizers to it. For example, Agricola, Kemir, Azofoska.


Cucumbers can be planted both in season and early in the year in January.

For planting, in addition to soil, you will need containers and plastic wrap, or plastic caps to cover the planted seeds.

How to plant cucumber seedlings on the windowsill:

  1. We fill the container with soil, given that the soil should not reach the edge of the glass or pot by 2-3 centimeters. There must be a small hole at the bottom of the that the water does not stagnate to avoid root rot.
  2. We spread the seeds... They can be laid out several (2-4) in 1 container, but the distance between the seeds should be at least 2 cm.
  3. We fill the seeds with soil.
  4. Watering the soil with seeds carefully.
  5. In order for the greenhouse effect to arise, you need to cover the seedlings with plastic or plastic or glass caps.
  6. Landing follows put away in a warm place in home.

How to grow cucumber seedlings at home on the window?

After the appearance of the first shoots, the material covering the seedlings must be removed, and themselves put the seedlings in the lightest place in the apartment - the window sillwhere there is most of the sunshine.

Watering is carried out usually every other day, using warm water. The main thing is not to pour the cucumbers. Several times a week, the seedlings should be sprayed with water from above using a spray bottle.

When to transplant cucumber seedlings on the windowsill? After the seedlings have two true leaves, you can begin to transplant them. The growing container must have a large volume, at least five liters.... To save money, you don't have to buy pots, but simply cut off the bottom of a five-liter plastic water bottle. Any containers must have holes in the bottom to drain excess water.

The dishes must be filled with the same soil that was used when planting the seeds. The sprouts must be removed from the cups along with their soil and transplanted carefully into a new container.

Plant care after transplant

Grown plants need tying and pinchingas they grow upward in the form of vines. You can tie the seedlings to a long stick stuck next to it in the ground, or you can do it in another way:

  1. Pull a thin wire over the plants at a height of about one meter - one and a half meters. It depends on how long the plant reaches. The maximum length is usually indicated on the seed bag.
  2. Take a thin twine and tie one end of it to the wire.
  3. Lower the twine down to the plant, tie it neatly.
  4. Raise the twine up again and tie the other end to the wire.

Such anchoring provides more safety for the plants and provides them with better support.

So that one main branch (liana) remains on the stem, its need to pinch... This is usually done when the main stem has reached full growth. In this case, the side shoots are removed, and the rest are pinched over the ovary, leaving one or two leaves.

Grown plants need to be watered once or twice a week.

The larger the cucumbers become, the more they need light, therefore if there is a lack of sunlight, you need to use lamps... Phytolamps are best, but fluorescent ones are also suitable. If the plants do not have enough light, then it is possible to stretch cucumber seedlings on the windowsill.

Indoor humidity is also of great importance. If the air is dry, thanks to heating, you need to use a humidifier, put a wet cloth on the batteries. This will benefit people themselves, as humid air is healthier.

Top dressing

For successful growth and development, seedlings need fertilizers. Top dressing of cucumber seedlings on the windowsill is usually carried out with urea. One tablespoon of urea is enough for 5 liters of water. Top dressing spend 10-14 days after seedling germination, then another week later.

It is recommended to add 1 teaspoon of Agrolife to the topsoil once every two weeks, and more often after the fruit appears. You can also use the "Growth" fertilizer, dilute one cap in 2 liters of water. It is useful to add fresh vermicompost to the pots every month.

IMPORTANT! Yellowed leaves are an indicator of the need to increase the amount of fertilizer.

Growing up to the final product

When the first fruits appear, it is necessary fertilize the soil at least once a week... It can be crushed eggshells, tea. Watering is necessary every few days.

You need to collect fruits every that they do not overgrow. With proper care and attention, you can get 10-20 cucumbers from each plant, grown by your own hands.

For clarity, at the end we give a photo of successful cultivation of cucumbers on the windowsill:

The taste of the cucumbers that you have grown yourself becomes much brighter, and the sight of a green fruiting liana on the windowsill improves your mood, especially in the cold early spring, when the snow is still not going to melt.

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