How did they come? Where do fleas come from in the house: causes and symptoms of infection

How did they come? Where do fleas come from in the house: causes and symptoms of infection

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The opinion that fleas attack only premises where there are pets is erroneous. It is absolutely unimportant for these small parasites whose blood they feed. Therefore, both a cat, a dog, and a person can suffer from the bites of flea parasites.

Painful bites, itching and allergies are just a few of the troubles this nondescript fly can cause. A much more serious problem is the ability of these bloodsuckers to spread serious infectious diseases, such as: typhus, tuberculosis, plague, brucellosis, hepatitis.

Having appeared by chance in an apartment, these insects begin to multiply with an incomprehensible speed, quickly reclaiming space from the owners of the house and turning their quiet life into hell.

IMPORTANT! At the first detection of individual individuals, you should try to get rid of parasites as soon as possible.

How do you know if fleas have attacked your apartment?

Very often, flea bites can be confused with bedbugs (you can see in the photo how flea bites look on the human body here). Therefore, before taking measures to destroy uninvited guests you should first make sure that the house is inhabited by fleas.

Distinctive features of flea parasites:

  • small size(from 1 to 5 mm in length);
  • coloration... Varies from yellow to dark brown;
  • body structure... Fleas are compressed on the sides, they have bristles on the body, with which they cling to surfaces;
  • jumping ability... Fleas are endowed with the ability to jump high and over fairly long distances. A jump in height can reach up to 50 cm, and in length - from 50 to 100 cm. This feature helps fleas find themselves a suitable warm-blooded prey, which they can easily jump onto.

You can see different types of fleas in the photo and find out what they look like here.

How do fleas get into apartments?

There are over two thousand species of fleas.

In living quarters, most often live: cat fleas, human (they are also called basements), rat (especially dangerous, since they are carriers of the plague), bed (in fact, this variety does not exist in nature, people usually refer to bed as all varieties of flea families found in bedding), canine.

The reasons for the appearance of fleas in apartments:

  • dust, pollution is especially loved by earthen fleas, which may appear in the house after a grand renovation;
  • the lower floors of the house are prone to attacks by brown bloodsuckers most often, as there are damp cellars under them. Heat, humidity, stray animals, rats - these are the most favorable conditions for the prosperity of the flea population;
  • Pets... Fleas feel great in the thick coat of cats and dogs. It is not difficult for parasites to saddle the animal while it is walking on the street and to come to the living quarters on it. How do you know if your pet is infected? It is enough to watch him for a while. If he began to scratch too often, gnaw his fur, he lost his appetite, sleep - these are sure signs of a flea presence;
  • people... Any member of the family can bring a flea with them to the house on clothes, shoes or in a bag with groceries (especially from the market). Bloodsuckers multiply quickly, after a couple of weeks the house will be teeming with flea vermin;
  • ventilation holes... Fleas can visit your home on their own, moving in leaps and bounds along the ventilation shaft from neighboring apartments or basements. It will be quite difficult to drive out uninvited guests;
  • unsanitary conditions... Fleas are constant companions of dysfunctional families with a complete lack of hygiene and a littered, dirty apartment. It can be very unsafe to live with such people in the neighborhood;
  • For more information on where bad people come from in apartments, see our dedicated article.

    Where do they like to live in apartments?

    • sleeping places for pets (bedding, rugs, baskets, houses);
    • carpets, bed linen, capes, bedspreads, upholstered furniture, toys;
    • skirting boards, cracks in the floor, window sills, wallpaper;

    REFERENCE! The opinion that adult fleas live in the fur of pets is erroneous. The flea jumps on its prey only in search of food. Saturated with blood, she strives for shelter (a warm comfortable place, of which there are many in the apartment).

    Getting rid of a flea misfortune is not easy. These small insects are very tenacious and often after the treatment of housing with insecticides, the parasites reappear after a while. This is why it is important to use preventative measures to keep your home safe from the brown plague.

    Watch the video: Day 16. 31. HOW MANY FLEA BITES DO I HAVE? Youll never guess.. (June 2022).


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