The riddle of potato beds - description and characteristics of the "Black Prince" potato

The riddle of potato beds - description and characteristics of the

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The Black Prince is a bright representative of dark-fruited potato varieties. Neat, medium-sized tubers are well stored, retaining their taste and delicate aroma for a long time.

The variety is not very productive, but it is unpretentious and resistant to many diseases. Beautiful root vegetables are good for sale, but most gardeners grow them for personal use.

In this article you will find a detailed description of the variety, its characteristics and cultivation features, get acquainted with possible diseases and pests that can harm the vegetable.


The origin of the Black Prince variety has not been determined. There are several hypotheses, according to one - this is the popular name for a dark-fruited variety of Dutch or Israeli selection.

Other experts believe that the name unites several similar varieties at once. It does not appear in the State Register of the Russian Federation, but it is widespread among amateur gardeners in different countries.

Potatoes are not grown in industrial fields, more often it can be found in amateur subsidiary plots or on small farms... Usually the Black Prince is planted as an exotic addition to other, more familiar potato varieties.

Potatoes "Black Prince": variety description

Variety nameBlack Prince
general characteristicsmedium early variety with low yield and exotic appearance
Ripening period90 days
Starch content12-16%
Mass of marketable tubers70-170 gr
Yieldup to 100 c / ha
Consumer qualitieshigh content of protein, vitamins, valuable amino acids, beta-carotene
Keeping quality97%
Peel colordark purple
Pulp colorlight beige
Preferred growing regionssuitable for all types of soil
Disease resistanceresistant to potato crayfish, golden cyst nematode, common scab
Growing featuresthe variety is sensitive to soil nutrition

Black Prince is a mid-early table variety with high taste qualities of tubers. Potatoes are resistant to heat and drought, prefers light sandy soils, very responsive to fertilizers.

The yield is relatively low, with 1 hectare can be harvested up to 100 centners of selected tubers... The harvested crop is well stored, root crops are not damaged during digging and do not require sorting during storage.

You can compare the yield and keeping quality of the variety with others using the table below:

Variety nameProductivity (kg / ha)Keeping quality (%)
Black Princeup to 10097
Queen anne390-46092

Bushes are tall, erect, intermediate type. The branches are moderately spreading, the formation of green mass is average. The leaves are medium-sized, light green, with slightly wavy edges. Corolla is compact, collected from large blue flowers.

Low berry formation. The root system is powerful, 5-7 large potatoes are formed under each bush, there are practically no unmarketable trifles.

The variety is resistant to various diseases: potato crayfish, golden cyst nematode, common scab, various viruses: vetricillosis, Fusarium, Alternaria. Possible infection with late blight or black leg.

Advantages and disadvantages

Among the main advantages of the variety:

  • great taste of root vegetables;
  • excellent marketability of potatoes;
  • root crops are not damaged when digging;
  • the harvested crop is stored for a long time;
  • drought resistance, heat resistance;
  • tolerance for waterlogging and short-term cold snap;
  • resistance to major diseases.

Among the shortcomings, one can note a relatively low yield.... The variety is suitable as a supplement to other potatoes, they can only be sown on a part of the plot.

Root description

  • tubers are moderately large, weighing from 70 to 170 g;
  • oval shape, slightly elongated;
  • the tubers are even, neat;
  • the peel is dark purple, evenly colored, moderately thin, smooth;
  • eyes are superficial, shallow, few in number, uncolored;
  • the flesh on the cut is light beige, slightly pinkish;
  • the starch content is low, ranging from 12 to 16%;
  • high content of protein, vitamins, valuable amino acids, beta-carotene.

Potatoes taste great: balanced, bright, not watery. Experts note the delicate aroma of the tubers that persists after cooking.

The taste of potatoes largely depends on the amount of starch in its tubers. In the table below you can see what this indicator is for different varieties:

Variety nameStarch content
Black Prince12-16%
Cast iron12-15%
Svitanok Kiev18-19%
Purple Haze14-17%

When cutting, the potatoes do not darken, they do not boil during cooking, but they become very tender and crumbly. Suitable for mashed potatoes, fried slices, stuffing, stewing. The tubers can be baked with the peel, it is very healthy, rich in antioxidants and vitamins.

A photo

You have familiarized yourself with the description of the characteristics of the Black Prince potato above, we suggest you see it in the photo:

Growing features

Agrotechnology for this potato is standard. Medium-sized tubers are selected for planting., smooth, not ill, not damaged by pests: wireworm or bear. It is advisable to use root crops with pronounced varietal qualities: bright pulp, the darkest skin possible, small eyes. Such selection will help to get a high-quality harvest and protect the variety from degeneration and erosion.

Depending on the climate and soil composition, potatoes can be planted in a trench or traditional way... The former is ideal for light sandy soils. When planting in loam or black soil, it is better to place the tubers in holes located at a distance of 30 cm from each other. The depth does not exceed 10 cm. It is recommended to spread humus mixed with wood ash along the holes.

Important: Before planting, the selected tubers are pickled, treated with a growth stimulant, and then germinated in the light or in wet sawdust. All manipulations are carried out 4 weeks before planting.

Potatoes are drought-resistant, but with proper soil moisture, the yield increases, the tubers are larger. Drip irrigation combined with sprinkling is recommended.

When the sprouts reach a height of 20 cm, they are earthed, forming high ridges... In the future, hilling is carried out another 1-2 times, this improves soil aeration and protects the bushes from pests. Mulching will help control weeds.

The variety is sensitive to soil nutrition, which means the potatoes need to be fertilized. During the planting season, it is recommended to feed at least 2 times. In the first phase, a diluted mullein or an aqueous urea solution is used.

After flowering, the bushes are fertilized with potassium sulfate. Each bush should have about 500 ml of the finished solution. Root feeding is also possible. The bushes are sprayed with an aqueous solution of superphosphate 10-12 days before digging out the harvest. The procedure helps the tubers become larger and more beautiful.

For more information about what, when and how to feed potatoes, how to do it correctly when planting, read the additional articles on the site.

Diseases and pests

The Black Prince variety is resistant to many dangerous diseases: potato crayfish, golden cyst nematode, common scab. During an epidemic of late blight, plantings are abundantly sprayed with copper-containing preparations, and the introduction of wood ash into the soil helps from black leg and root rot.

Like other dark-fruited varieties, it is very attractive to insect pests, especially Colorado beetles and wireworm (larvae of the click beetle). Spraying with industrial insecticides is saved from flying insects; for the prevention of wireworm, tubers must be pickled before planting. Weeds should be removed in a timely manner and the aisles should be mulched with straw or sawdust.

In the fight against the Colorado potato beetle, chemicals will help: Aktara, Corado, Regent, Commander, Prestige, Lightning, Tanrek, Apache, Tabu.

When growing potatoes, additional chemicals are often used to improve yields or to combat pests.

Potatoes "Black Prince" - a very interesting variety that is highly valued by amateur gardeners. Potatoes are good for health, beautiful smooth tubers can be baked with the peel, fried, stewed or boiled. Plants rarely get sick and thrive on any soil.

There are many interesting ways to grow potatoes. We invite you to get acquainted in detail with Dutch technologies, learn more about growing under straw, from seeds, in bags, in barrels and in boxes.

We also bring to your attention other varieties of potatoes with different ripening periods:

Late ripeningMedium earlyMid late
PicassoBlack PrinceBlue
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