Pruning magnolias

Question: pruning magnolias

Hi, I would like an advice about the pruning of some magnolias that are in the condominium garden. the plants are around 40 years old and reach the 4th floor of the building in height.
What is the best period and what kind of pruning is recommended?

Answer: pruning magnolias

Dear Antonella,
generally the Magnolias do not become huge trees, and maintain a well balanced crown, if they are evergreen magnolias, the foliage will be pyramidal, slightly enlarged; this type of plants is generally not subjected to pruning, because the plants tend to take on a harmonious habit already at a young age, and to maintain it over time. Remove the branches, shortening them on the sides or by trimming the plant, it will lead the plant to produce new shoots that quickly replace the now lost hair; moreover, the plant will lose its harmonic bearing, becoming not very pleasing to the eye. A light pruning is practiced at the end of winter, which only removes any ruined or sparse branches, or even to remove the branches in the first centimeters of stem just above the ground, making it easier to shear grass under the tree, fertilizations and preparation of flower beds.