Dust mite allergy symptoms and how to deal with it

Dust mite allergy symptoms and how to deal with it

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Most often, we do not even suspect what kind of creatures can live in our homes, and they can even be very dangerous to humans. They can be dust mites, which are invisible to the human eye. Although they do not cause physical harm to humans, they can cause dangerous allergic reactions in human bodies.

Next, you will find out why the human body has such an intolerance. What are the symptoms of an allergic reaction in children and adults. We will tell you what to do with this problem and why you need to visit a doctor.

The cause of the ailment

Allergy is a protective response of the human body to foreign substances and allergens. Against the material that has entered a person, the body creates special antibodies that produce histamine. Allergy appears due to the fact that the degree of hormonal material increases. Dust mite allergy is considered the most common.

House dust allergen

Important! The main allergen is the feces of this tick, since they contain a substance that provokes an allergy. These substances enter the human body during respiration.

But not only the waste products of the dust mite lead to allergic reactions, but also parts of non-living mites can become the cause of these reactions. The excrement and remains of ticks are found in dusty places. The most common cause of dust mite allergy is the body's intolerance to some of the components of this pest.

Why can it occur?

The dust mite feeds on the already dead corneas of the human skin. A strong allergen is an enzyme. The mast cells of the body capture the enzyme as soon as it enters the human body. Macrophages transfer parts of these enzymes to them on their surface in the form of receptors. This is how the body becomes sensitized.

Upon repeated contact with the waste products of a dust or bed mite, the allergen combines with a receptor on the surface of macrophages and massive destruction of cells occurs with the release of a large amount of histamine. It is histamine that is the main component for starting the cascade of allergic reactions.

Allergens that cause allergic reactions in humans can also enter the bronchial tree, causing asthmatic attacks.

Watch a video about microparasites - dust mites that cause allergies in humans:


An allergic reaction to this tick manifests itself in different ways, for example:

  1. Frequent sneezing and frequent nasal discharge. The mucous membrane of the nose is very swollen.
  2. Breathing through the mouth due to nasal congestion harms the body by not getting enough oxygen to the brain. As a result, headaches and weakness of the human body appear.
  3. Eyes swell and watery, severe itching appears.
  4. Itching in the palate.
  5. The appearance of a frequent dry cough.
  6. Wheezing in the chest.
  7. Severe shortness of breath in a person and even choking, causing sudden awakening at night.
  8. Burning and itching of the skin, as well as their redness.
  9. The appearance of conjunctivitis.
  10. Symptoms of bronchial asthma.
  11. Quincke's edema, and after hypoxia and even death.


As soon as the symptoms of an allergic reaction were found, the first step is to be examined by an immunologist. For the examination, it is necessary to enter the allergen extract into the human body in a special dosage. Then they look at whether or not there is a reaction to them. From this they already conclude whether or not there is an allergy.

Reference. Molecular diagnostics can also reveal the presence or absence of allergies. Such a diagnosis is carried out using special drugs. To date, twenty-three allergens have been identified in dust mites.

What does the manifestation look like?

In children

The disease is very difficult in the smallest, especially in infants.
Symptoms of a child's house dust allergy:

  • swelling of the nasal mucosa develops rather quickly;
  • difficulties arise when feeding, as their nose becomes stuffy;
  • in addition, appetite and sleep disappear;
  • the child becomes irritable.

Allergies in children can be more severe than in adults.

In adults

In adults, the allergic reaction is not as severe as in small children. It is expressed in:

  • redness and itching of the skin;
  • swelling and nasal congestion;
  • sudden awakenings at night;
  • attacks of suffocation and shortness of breath;
  • itching of the eyeballs and palate;
  • profuse nasal discharge and frequent sneezing;
  • chronic fatigue and apathy;
  • wheezing in the chest.

But deaths are also possible, although this happens rather infrequently.

A photo

Photo of the external manifestation of allergy:

Consequences of not being treated

If you do not start treatment, then the symptoms of allergy will continue to disturb the sick person continuously., mainly in autumn and winter. Also, in addition to the manifestations of allergies, it is possible to change the condition of the sick person, affecting his ability to work, the property of life, emotional and psychological mood.

What to do?

What to do if an allergy starts in a child or an adult? The first step is to avoid contact with sources of allergies, eliminating their locations. In parallel, as prescribed by a doctor, take medications.

When relieving symptoms, medications such as:

  1. Antihistamines.
  2. Nasal vasoconstrictor sprays and drops.

In more complex cases, personalized corticosteroids are used.

Reference. When taking these drugs, one must not forget that they remove only the manifestations of the disease, but not the main cause of allergies.

In addition, the effect of drugs has a short duration, therefore, first of all, you need to deal with the source of the allergic reaction.

Prevention of re-manifestation

Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to completely eliminate contact with a dust mite, since it is ubiquitous. However, many to reduce the frequency of exacerbations and alleviate the symptoms of the disease, it is enough to do prevention:

  1. Clean up unnecessary carpets.
  2. Reduce the number of fabric upholstered furniture, change it to leather upholstered furniture.
  3. Ventilate the apartment more often.
  4. Carry out wet cleaning every day, paying attention to inaccessible places with a large amount of dust.
  5. Purchase a vacuum cleaner with a water filter.
  6. Use a mask or respirator while cleaning.
  7. Replace down and feather fillings of pillows and blankets with synthetic fillings.
  8. Never forget to dry your pillows and blankets.
  9. Change bedding once every seven days, dry it in the fresh air.
  10. Maintain personal hygiene, that is, take a shower and wash your hair every day.
  11. Remove some of the soft toys from the children's room, and wash and dry the rest once a month on the balcony.
  12. Purchase a hygrometer (a device that measures air humidity) and make sure that the humidity in the room does not exceed forty or fifty percent.
  13. Use air dryers.
  14. Purify the air using air conditioners or special purifiers.
  15. Conduct eating only in the kitchen.

Dust mites are tiny and impossible to see without a microscope. On our site you can see photos of these insects, and also find out what means you can use to get rid of the pest at home.

You should not rush to prematurely throw out curtains, some furniture, and also carpets in order to get rid of an allergic reaction. which will greatly help make life easier.

Watch the video: Dust mites are always in your bed!Symptoms of dust allergyHow to deal with dust mites?small tick! (June 2022).


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