What are the benefits and harms of beetroot and carrot juice? How to make a drink and how to take it?

What are the benefits and harms of beetroot and carrot juice? How to make a drink and how to take it?

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People have known about the beneficial properties of carrots and beets for a long time. Eating them in food can not only enrich the body with useful substances, but also cure some diseases. The juice from these root crops will become a real storehouse of vitamins, minerals and other useful substances.

How to properly prepare and drink a mixture of carrot and beet juice? What ailments will a vegetable cocktail help, and when will it harm? It is useful for gardeners and lovers of natural gifts to find out what is good and how dangerous a healing drink is. In the article you can read what is useful for freshly squeezed and settled beet-carrot juice, how to prepare it and how to drink it correctly.

Chemical composition

Based on the calculation for 100 ml, the nutritional value of carrot and beetroot juice is 41 kcal.

The key nutrients in the drink are related as follows:

  • 83.8% carbohydrates - 7.43 g;
  • 15% proteins - 1.33 g;
  • 1.2% fat - 0.11 g.

The juice combines all the beneficial properties of the constituents of carrots and beets. 100 ml of the drink contains the following vitamins:

  1. 3 mg vitamin C;
  2. 2.33 mg vitamin A;
  3. 0.3 mg vitamin PP, or niacin;
  4. 0.233 mg vitamin E;
  5. 0.027 vitamin B2;
  6. 0.007 vitamin B1.

The vegetable cocktail is rich in microelements. We are talking about the following substances:

  • about potassium;
  • about phosphorus;
  • about sodium;
  • about calcium;
  • about magnesium;
  • about iron.

The basis of the drink is water: 100 ml of the mix contains 84.6 ml. Other ingredients include the following substances:

  1. 12.4 g of saccharides;
  2. 1 g dietary fiber;
  3. 0.4 g ash;
  4. 0.2 g of organic acids;
  5. 0.2 g starch.

The exact composition of the drink depends on the variety and origin of the vegetables in it.

The benefits and harms of beet and carrot drinks for the body

Beet-carrot drink relieves vitamin deficiency, strengthens vision.

It also has the following positive effects:

  • enhances immunity;
  • stabilizes the intestines and stomach;
  • prevents diseases of the oral cavity (read here how to treat angina with beets);
  • revives the nervous system;
  • improves the work of blood vessels and heart;
  • speeds up metabolism;
  • removes harmful substances from the body (we talked about how you can clean blood vessels, intestines and liver with the help of beets in this article).

Why drink a vegetable drink? Beet-carrot mix is ​​drunk to become more resilient and fight chronic fatigue. It provokes the production of gastric juice, which irritates the intestines and harms people with decompensated diabetes mellitus and gastrointestinal diseases.

Indications and contraindications for use and what vegetables are treated

Carrot and beet juice are mixed for complex therapy of diseases. It is used in the treatment of the following eye ailments:

  • conjunctivitis;
  • night blindness;
  • myopia;
  • blepharitis.
  • The drink supports the body against diseases of the nervous system.

    Among them:

    • insomnia;
    • migraine;
    • meningitis;
    • encephalitis;
    • neuroses;
    • Alzheimer's disease.

    The vegetable mix is ​​recommended to drink for anemia and scurvy (you can find out how beets affect human blood here).

    When is it contraindicated?

    Carrot and beetroot juice is contraindicated for people with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and urinary system... Among them are kidney disease.

    The drink removes toxins from the body. This function is carried out at the expense of the kidneys, on which an additional load falls.

    Among the ailments for which you cannot drink a mix of beets and carrots is urolithiasis. We are also talking about the following violations:

    1. about pyelonephritis;
    2. about glomerulonephritis;
    3. about prolapse of the kidneys;
    4. about hydronephrosis;
    5. about renal failure.

    Whether it is permissible to use vegetable medicine for kidney disease is determined by a nephrologist. Patients with gastrointestinal diseases should clarify contraindications with a gastroenterologist. It is forbidden to take the drink for heartburn, for acute gastrointestinal diseases.

    Among them are the following:

    • stomach and intestinal ulcers;
    • gastritis;
    • colitis.

    The drug is dangerous for people with decompensated diabetes, with low blood pressure. Before taking risks, they need to consult an endocrinologist and, accordingly, a neurologist or cardiologist. The drink will harm allergy sufferers and children under 1 year old.

    Step by step instructions: how to make a freshly squeezed drink?

    Juice is squeezed from fresh root vegetables, untouched by pests and rot. Preference is given to vegetables grown in a private garden.

    The basic recipe for the drink includes the following products:

    • 3 carrots;
    • 1 beet;
    • 50 ml of drinking water.

    It takes up to 3 hours to prepare a cocktail using a juicer. In this case, they act as follows:

    1. Prepare the fruits. They are thoroughly washed and peeled.
    2. The fruits are chopped into small cubes. Separately fold beets, separately carrots.
    3. The beets are passed through a juicer.
    4. Beet juice is infused at room temperature for at least 2 hours.
    5. Carrot cubes are loaded into a juicer to get juice.
    6. Beetroot and carrot juice are mixed, diluted with drinking water.

    Instead of a juicer, a blender or fine grater will do. To begin with, washed and peeled beets and carrots are crushed or rubbed separately.

    Then they act as follows:

    1. Clean cheesecloth is folded into 4 layers to cover a deep bowl with it.
    2. Spread the beetroot mass on top of the fabric, collecting the gauze edges. You should get a bag with beets inside.
    3. The bun is held over a bowl and twisted so that the part with the vegetable pulp gradually shrinks. Continue until the juice flows into the bowl. After that, the juice is refrigerated for 2 hours.
    4. Cover the other bowl with 4 layers of fresh cheesecloth. Spread carrot pulp on top.
    5. The cheesecloth is collected in a bag and squeezed into a bowl.
    6. Juices are mixed, diluted with drinking water.

    The finished juice is sweetened with sugar and chilled according to personal preference.

    How to drink correctly for the treatment and prevention of diseases?

    Beet juice with carrots is taken no more than 3 months in a row. After that, a 2 month break is required.
    The medicine is drunk as follows:

    • 1-3 times a day;
    • 20 minutes before meals;
    • half a glass;
    • not exceeding the daily rate of 400 ml.

    Additional ingredients will make the drink tastier and healthier.

    With honey

    For a remedy for anemia, you need 400 ml of beet-carrot juice, cooked in a 1: 1 ratio. The following is added to it:

    • 200 ml pomace of black radish;
    • 300 g of buckwheat or other honey.

    A quarter glass of the mixture is taken before meals for up to 3 months, then take a break for 2 months.

    For the treatment of arthritis

    A mixture of carrot and beet juice is used in combination with a pharmacy chamomile infusion. Mix 200 ml of liquids, adding 60 g of honey.

    The drink is taken as follows:

    • before eating;
    • 100 ml each;
    • 3 times a day;
    • no longer than 3 months in a row;
    • with a break of 2 months.

    200 ml of beet and carrot juice is added to the tincture for the prevention of atherosclerosis.

    It also includes the following components:

    • 300 g of honey;
    • 100 ml cranberry juice;
    • 100 ml alcohol.

    The mixture is kept in the refrigerator for 3 days.... A tablespoon of tincture is taken 3 times a day.

    Vegetable cocktail for constipation

    The following ingredients are mixed for the drink:

    • 200 ml. beet juice (we talked about how to cook and take beet juice here);
    • 100 ml carrot juice;
    • not less than a tablespoon of honey.

    A third of a glass of such juice is drunk 4 times a day, before meals, until the constipation has passed.

    With apple

    Juice from peeled apples will improve the taste of the beet-carrot mix. The mixture will help children with vitamin deficiency, they drink it for a month. For tumors of various natures, juice from carrots, beets and apples is mixed in equal proportions. A spoonful of lemon juice and dry ginger are added to them.

    The mixture is drunk as follows:

    • 100 ml each. at a time;
    • since morning;
    • on an empty stomach;
    • within a month;
    • with a break for a week.

    The general course of juice therapy lasts a year.

    With radish

    Mixing equal parts of juice from carrots, beets and black radish, you get a remedy for low hemoglobin.

    It is taken up to 3 months, a tablespoon 4 times a day, before meals.

    With celery

    It is believed that vegetable juices are healthier than fruit juices, since they do not contain fructose (at least in the same large amount. about the benefits of beet juice in oncology and how to take it correctly, read a separate article.) In this case, the celery is loaded into the juicer along with the carrots.

    With pumpkin

    Beetroot and carrot a drink with pumpkin is drunk with colitis or coronary heart disease. To get 500 ml of such a cocktail, mix 200 ml of carrot and pumpkin juice and 100 ml of beet juice.

    The mixture is drunk for 3 months, interrupted for a month.

    Possible side effects

    Beetroot causes urine and stools to turn reddish. Having drunk juice in excess of the daily allowance, patients run the risk of encountering other side effects:

    • with nausea;
    • with vomiting;
    • with dizziness;
    • with tachycardia;
    • with a headache;
    • with an increase in temperature;
    • with weakness.

    Allergy sufferers develop rashes and swelling from vegetable juice.

    From two common vegetables, beets and carrots, a remedy is obtained that helps in many diseases. It is not a panacea, but it is suitable for combating anemia, vitamin deficiency, and for the complex treatment of ailments.

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