All about the seeds of Robinia (acacia) white: how to collect, plant and grow a plant?

All about the seeds of Robinia (acacia) white: how to collect, plant and grow a plant?

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Many people know that trees reproduce best by vegetative propagation. But as for acacia, it is quite possible to grow it from seeds and it will not cause much trouble.

At the same time, healthy specimens are obtained that allow you to decorate the backyard territory. In addition, the white acacia is considered healing, and this is an undoubted reason for its cultivation!

The tree blooms very luxuriantly, and this will certainly decorate your garden and fill it with a stunning, sweet scent of fragrant buds.

What do they look like?

Acacia seeds form inside the fruit... The fruits are smooth, flat and long beans with 13-15 seeds. They are oval and brown in color.

The seeds are quite light - 10,000 pieces weigh no more than 250 grams.

Where and how much can you buy?

White Robinia seeds should be purchased in specialized stores.selling flowers and seedlings. Only then can you be sure of buying high-quality planting material.

It is not worth buying them from private traders, because there they are not treated with the necessary drugs, and are also most often kept in the wrong conditions.

The cost of white acacia seeds differs from sellers. On average, for 1 gram, it is 130-150 rubles. There are approximately 50 seeds in 1 gram.

Self-collection from the plant

The best way to grow white acacia with the help of seeds is to collect them yourself. It is necessary to collect planting material in November.... The collected seeds have to be peeled and folded into paper bags.

How to store?

Acacia germination depends on storage conditions, both purchased and self-collected seeds. They will sprout poorly when:

  • overheating;
  • severe hypothermia;
  • excess moisture.

therefore white acacia seeds should be stored in small, closed boxes or bags... Storage temperature - 0 ° С .. + 5 ° С. A pantry or refrigerator is suitable for storage. Optimum humidity is not higher than 60%. Under these conditions, the shelf life of seeds is 3-4 years.

Do not purchase damaged, deformed and fungus-covered seeds!

What are the medicinal properties and harm?

Since ancient times, the raw material of white acacia has been used for medicinal purposes. It is known that this the plant has many medicinal properties, eg:

  • diuretic;
  • expectorant;
  • laxative;
  • hemostatic;
  • cleansing;
  • hypotensive, etc.

Also, the seeds are used to prepare decoctions against inflammation in the female genital organs, bladder, bronchi. Although white acacia has many beneficial properties, it should not be used without medical advice. Parts of this tree contain poisonous substances.

Before starting treatment, it is necessary to make sure of the personal tolerance of acacia-based drugs. You need to know that they lower the acidity of the stomach. Read more about the medicinal properties of acacia in a separate article.

What is the best time of the year to sow?

Sowing is carried out in late March - early April... But first of all, you need to pay attention to the temperature outside the window. In some places at this time it is still cold, so it is necessary to plant it when the buds are swelling in the trees.

Soil and capacity

For seedlings, you need to take clean, loose and nutritious soil. Can be purchased at the store by adding chunks of charcoal and sand to drain it. It is best to sow seeds in small plastic pots of a round or elongated shape, at least 15 cm high. At the bottom, they must have holes through which excess water will drain.

Growing conditions

To maintain a constant temperature within + 22 ° С ... + 25 ° С containers, in which the planting material is located, it is necessary to provide bottom heating. Every day you need to inspect, water when the soil dries out and airing.

Step-by-step instruction

When stored properly, the dense bean skin will prevent seeds from germinating, which will not germinate without prior preparation. If sown, they will lie in the ground until the shell decays and water penetrates into the kernel of the seed.


You can prepare the seeds for planting by immersing them in boiling water for a few seconds, and then in cold water for 12 hours. Then you can plant it in the ground.

There is another way - soaking for 2 days in warm water with the addition of a growth stimulant. After the skin has softened, the seed is ready for planting..


Acacia seeds can be sown in crates and outdoors. They are planted to a depth of 1-2 cm. Under good conditions, they sprout quickly - 7-10 days. After the shoots appear, the pot is transferred to a warm, bright place for rooting.


For in order for the seeds of white acacia to germinate well, you need to organize optimal conditions, namely, create:

  • favorable temperature;
  • good lighting;
  • moderate watering.

Planting in open ground is carried out after frost. This is necessary in order to avoid hypothermia and death of a young tree.

The distance between seedlings should be at least 25 cm. so that the sprouts have enough room for development and growth. If the distance is less, then the seedlings will begin to die.

Seedling care

The first 2 years of growing are the most difficult in the life of young seedlings. We must not forget about:

  • fertilizers;
  • weeding;
  • loosening.

For the winter period, it is advisable to cover the trees... A non-woven fabric is suitable for this. The surface of the ground under it should be mulched using straw or peat. The next year, young trees of white acacia are transplanted to a permanent place.

Landing in the ground

Young seedlings, which are in special containers, can be planted both in spring and autumn. Because in them the root system is covered and protected from excess moisture. And in other cases, planting is carried out in the spring in shallow pits.

It is necessary to ensure that the root collar is slightly above the ground or on a par with it. The planting substrate is prepared from the soil taken in the pit with the addition to it:

  • ash;
  • crushed limestone;
  • dolomite flour.

It is not bad if nitroammophosphate is added to this mixture as an additional feeding. Enrichment with fertilizers containing nitrogen will help to increase soil fertility.

White acacia is considered an unpretentious tree., so you can plant it everywhere. However, when this plant is in a shaded place, the flowering will deteriorate somewhat, so it is still better to plant it where the sun's rays penetrate quite well.

Acacia tolerates cold well, only young trees can freeze. However, if the roots and root collar are well preserved, then they quickly return to normal. The older the tree, the higher the frost resistance.

It should be borne in mind that the likelihood that young white acacia trees will freeze increases if they grow on moist soils. Therefore, they need to be planted on well-drained land.

White acacia grows quickly, especially in the first 10 years.... The tree tolerates pruning and replanting well. Acacia is a plant that has a very long life. There are specimens over 300 years old.

Treatment with seeds

White acacia seeds are used in the preparation of various decoctions and tinctures for external use. But it is required to strictly follow the dosage and be wary of their use.

Before use, be sure to consult a doctor.

Possible problems and difficulties

Growing white acacia, you can face some problems... One of them is the freezing of seedlings. With an excess of fertilizers that are rich in nitrogen, the shoots grow very long - up to 1 m 20 cm.In such cases, at the end of the summer period, they must be cut to 40 cm.

White acacia is a plant that is resistant to diseases and pests. In the steppe areas, she can suffer from scale insects and sawflies. You need to deal with them with special drugs:

  • Commander.
  • Karbofos.
  • Aktara, etc.

Acacia is an extraordinary tree as it emits a sweet honey scent. This attracts bees, so it is better to plant it where children do not play (about what honey is obtained from acacia, as well as how and for what purposes it is used, read here). If a tree is planted for the purpose of using it as a medicine, the fertility of the soil and the care of acacia are of great importance.

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