Why is it important to sow black radish on time and when to plant it in the Urals, Siberia and the Moscow region?

Black radish is a healthy crop in many ways. Despite the bitter taste, gardeners love this vegetable for its essential oils, fiber and minerals, as well as a whole range of vitamins. Black radish will help get rid of colds for both young children and adults.

In the article we will talk about when it is planted in the ground, as well as in different regions of our country: in the Moscow region, Siberia and the Urals. In addition, you will learn how to avoid mistakes in determining the timing of planting this most useful crop.

Why is it important to do this at the right time?

What are the consequences of a late landing? To understand why black radish should not be planted earlier, for example, in the middle of summer, you need to turn to a school biology course.

Radish is a two-year culture and in the first year it grows a tuber, in the second year it throws out an arrow and seeds are formed in it.

If you plant a crop when the summer heat is on, then the radish will “think” that a large root crop that will survive the winter months and frosts will not be able to grow and will immediately go to the arrow. In this case, the fruit is small, too bitter and does not possess the qualities that should be present in a normally developing root crop. Such a radish cannot be stored, it quickly cracks and begins to deteriorate.

What determines the landing time?

It is difficult to navigate in terms of planting when too contradictory recommendations sound. But everything becomes easier if you understand that planting dates depend not only on the variety of black radish, but on the climatic zone, type of cultivation (in open or closed ground) and other nuances.

Mistakes can be avoided by carefully reading the seed label, for example, if the ripening period is 90 days, then planting in the climate of Siberia should be planned before July 1 to 15, and in the Moscow region on July 25, August 10. But this information is relevant for winter varieties of black radish, and there are also early and mid-season varieties (the black winter radish is described here). They are distinguished by their small caliber and lower keeping quality.

You should also take into account the phases of the moon when planting, it is believed that planting root crops is best with a waning month. In 2018, July is considered auspicious days from 1 to 12 and from 28 to 31. In June, from 29 to 30.

According to folk signs, it is believed that the disembarkation 2 weeks after Trinity is the most favorable. Whether to adhere to such accepts, everyone decides for himself.

Do they differ for home and outdoor conditions?

Planting in a greenhouse or at home is good because you do not need to be afraid of severe frost or, on the contrary, excessive heat. It is possible to plant radish in a greenhouse, which is especially well heated in winter and to get a harvest in spring, or in late autumn, i.e. almost all year round. When to sow radish outdoors, including seeds? It depends on the climatic conditions of your region and we will talk about the nuances below.

You can read about growing black radish in the open field in this material, learn about the features of planting a plant in open ground and in a greenhouse here.

What is the sowing time?

The sowing time of this frost-resistant crop largely depends on the climatic zone and the warmer the region, the later you need to plantsince frosts move closer to winter, as does the harvest.

In the Urals

It is in the Urals that varieties of black radish behave well, so it can be planted in May (and harvest in July), but most often black radish is intended for use in winter, and in this case, it is recommended to plant in mid-June in well-lit areas soil.

The following varieties are suitable for growing in the Urals:

  • Round winter black. This is a mid-season variety, in which, due to the weather characteristics of the Ural region, the fruits ripen in 100-108 days. The keeping quality of this variety is up to 93%.
  • Night. Mid-season variety. Fruits are black, inside is juicy white flesh. Excellent keeping quality.

In outskirts of Moscow

The choice of varieties and planting dates in central Russia, incl. The Moscow region is distinguished by greater variability, you can plant both mid-ripening and late-ripening varieties:

  • You can choose the most popular variety of Round Black Radish and plant it a little later than in the Urals, namely at the end of July, because the growing season will allow you to collect root crops at the onset of the first frost.
  • Chernavka is a late-ripening variety that ripens in 110 days. You can plant in mid-July. Stores well.

In Siberia

When is such a radish planted in Siberia? The landing is in many ways similar to the landing in the Urals. The climatic conditions are excellent for sowing in the conditions of the autumn-summer crop rotation. The radish is not afraid of Siberian frosts and winter frosts, the main thing is to have time to collect root crops until the temperature at night drops below -5 degrees Celsius.

It is recommended to plant black radish in the Siberian climate in mid-June.

Suitable varieties:

  • Round black radish;
  • Night;
  • Black woman.

Black radish is a healthy vegetable and just a storehouse of vitamins, this is exactly what the body needs in winter. By choosing the right time for sowing this crop in your region, you will get a high yield with excellent keeping quality, which will delight you until a new crop appears.

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