What determines the timing of planting Daikon radish? When to plant in different regions of Russia?

What determines the timing of planting Daikon radish? When to plant in different regions of Russia?

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When working with white radish, and indeed, with any vegetable, most often questions arise with planting. Usually, such questions are directly related to the time when it is more convenient and best to plant certain plants.

In this article, you will find all the questions of interest to most gardeners, namely: what the timing depends on, why timely planting is important.

We will also study the time difference between open field and greenhouse planting.

Why is timely landing important?

Timely planting is a guarantee of a plentiful and high-quality harvest, especially when it comes to such type of sowing radish as Daikon. Ideal planting time is early spring or summer, late Julyas the plant likes short days. Sowing too early, in early July, when the day is still long, young plants immediately release flower stalks, and sowing too late, the plant may die and there will be no harvest.

Important! Daikon does not like dense crops and also begins to bloom among them. Flowering is the biological cycle of a plant and the drive to procreate. Flowering can begin for various reasons - long daylight hours, lack of moisture, or thickening of the planting.

What does the timing depend on?

The timing of planting radish depends on the type, variety and cold resistance of the plant.

  • The planting dates for radish fall at the end of April - beginning of May, since this vegetable itself belongs to cold-resistant crops, and can withstand fairly low temperatures.
  • Varieties that can be stored for a longer time are planted in the second half of June. July 10 is the deadline.
  • Varieties that ripen quickly are usually sown in July - early August.

Due to the unique climatic characteristics in each lane, the local climate should be taken into account in relation to the ability of the varietythat I would like to plant.

The difference in planting time at home, in an open area and in a greenhouse

The same plant is grown differently in different conditions.

  1. Planting Daikon in open ground occurs only after the appearance of two pairs of true leaves. This type of cultivation largely depends on local climatic conditions and the length of daylight hours, which should not exceed the rate of 12-15 hours for the best root crop formation.

    Landing in open ground should take place at a temperature of 10 degrees Celsius and the place should be abundantly illuminated by sunlight.

  2. Growing at home is organized differently. If you choose the right variety, then white radish can grow on any soil, even clay. But most of all, Daikon loves loose, not acidic soil. Its root should grow freely in depth, so the soil should be dug at least 25 cm, after which it is important to add a complex of fertilizers.

    It will also not be superfluous to enrich the Daikon seeds with oxygen before sowing. To do this, you just need to soak them in water for up to 24 hours. Seeds are planted in 2-3 pieces to a depth of 2 cm, in holes with an interval of 6 cm, after which the soil is compacted and watered.

  3. Daikon can also be grown in a greenhouse in winter. The seeds of the plant are sown in March or April, in greenhouse beds. Caring for a greenhouse Daikon is the same as caring for a regular radish: weeding and loosening the soil regularly.

Different pick up locations - different pick up times.

  • For sowing in open ground, the best time is from the end of April to the 10th of May.
  • Planting dates in the greenhouse are from March 15th to April 10th.
  • At home, planting is best done from the beginning of April.

Attention! When watering, which is organized only when necessary, one must carefully avoid waterlogging of the soil. Daikon is a plant that is demanding in terms of moisture, but you cannot overdo it.

Each way of growing Daikon is different from the previous one. Before you start growing Daikon, it is worth checking many ways to choose the most optimal option.

When to sow seeds?

The cultivation of Daikon largely depends on the climatic conditions. But in our country the climate is very diverse, hence the expected question: when to plant white radish? What are the features of cultivation in different places in Russia? In order to avoid any incidents when working with Daikon, you should carefully examine the characteristics of the plant and put them in accordance with climatic conditions, otherwise the radish will not adapt.

Moscow suburbs

In Central Russia, namely, in the Moscow region, there is a very unstable climate, which makes Daikon planting in open ground possible only in certain seasons. The best period is from June to July, since it is at this time that the longest sunny day is exactly what the white radish needs.

Daikon does not like excessive moisture, but loves a lot of light, and there should be as much of it as possible. If you plant it during this period, the harvest promises to be plentiful and the fruits will be large. You can plant it in August, but then there is a risk that half of the crop will die, and the seeds will not have time to develop and germinate correctly from the lack of sunlight, and, as a result, the fruits will be very small.

In the Moscow region, Daikon is also grown in greenhouses. The best time for this is at the end of March, in the north - from mid-April. Sowing in a greenhouse is practically no different from sowing in open ground. Planting time depends on the quality of the greenhouse. It must retain heat well, provide additional lighting in winter, and the temperature in it must be regulated.

Under such conditions, the white radish will grow for at least a whole year. But there are not many such greenhouses. Therefore, the time of sowing Daikon in the Moscow region is chosen wisely. But if the greenhouse keeps heat well, we can talk about autumn cultivation, then the planting time is the whole month of August. For spring cultivation, it is best to take early ripening, early varieties. They will save greenhouse space and grow quickly.

In the Moscow region, you can grow Daikon at home. The best time for this is early August. It is at this time that it is worth starting planting in order to harvest the crop in the fall. For the rest, Daikon at the summer cottage is grown in the same way as in any home conditions, loosening the soil, deep pits, timely care and planting.

Ural and Siberia

Most often, Daikon in Siberia and the Urals is grown in greenhouses in order to prevent the roots of the plant from freezing in the cold ground. Planting conditions and times are the same as in other areas. The time for sowing in open ground, in a greenhouse or in the country must be chosen with care: a sunny day should be long enough and not quite short so that the seeds develop well and the fruits, ultimately, are large.

Sowing dates are in July, best of all from the 10th to the 15th. You can't overdo it with water - excess moisture is a gross violation, especially when it comes to a root crop like Daikon.

Due to the harsh climatic conditions, in Siberia and the Urals, this crop is best grown in greenhouses... But if you choose the perfect planting time, Daikon will not disappoint you in the open field, and in the country, in the garden.

Daikon is an unpretentious, tasty and easy-to-grow root vegetable. With a competent approach and timely planting, it will always grow with large and tasty fruits. Any vegetable or fruit is easy to care for if you are well aware of the peculiarities of the culture.

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