Pre-bonsai cypress

Pre-bonsai cypress

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Application: pre-bonsai cypress

good morning, I state that I am at the very first experience.
I bought a cypress plant in a nursery. I re-potted it with universal soil and gravel on the bottom.
the plant is very young and I immediately tried to arrange some twigs, cutting some and tying others to let the light penetrate and give it a pleasant shape.
after 2-3 weeks however. the leaflets and the younger branches are losing "tonicity", it droops a lot ...
the bathroom a minimum, very little, every day. should like a little water and often
What am I doing to this poor victim?
Thanks for your suggestions

Answer: cypress pre-bonsai

Dear Luca,
the reasons why your cypress suffers can be multiple, a lot depends on where you bought it and how it was grown in the place where you bought it.
Repotting and pruning should not have affected the health of your plant, so I believe that you are not the cause of the suffering of this poor tree.
Perhaps it depends on the watering, you say you water the plant a little and often; unfortunately the indications are vague, since it is not a question of quantity or time lapse between the waterings: your cypress must be watered when the ground is dry, and consider that it tolerates drought quite well, so if you forget to water it for a couple of days, it should not show any discomfort. So, instead of watering it often or rarely, water it only when the soil is dry, and always check that it is dry even in depth, dipping a finger in the substrate: if you feel that just below the surface the soil is still fresh and humid, watering for a day or two.
If it is not a question of water problems, perhaps it could be a climate problem: cypresses are outdoor plants, which live well outdoors all year long, even in the middle of winter and even in full summer.
However, it often happens to see outdoor plants kept in supermarkets, where they often remain for several days; in practice, a small plant is taken from the nursery in February, accustomed to low temperatures, especially at night, and it is moved to a place with about 20 ° C constant, night and day. In this way the plant believes spring has arrived, and behaves accordingly.
When we buy the plant, knowing that it is from outside, we immediately place it outdoors, and then from a spring with constant 20 ° C, the poor is found in winter, with low night minimums.
I don't know if this is your problem, but if something similar has happened, your plant has suffered a strong thermal shock, and it must therefore be positioned in a sheltered area, until the night minimum temperatures have risen. This treatment should be practiced only on this occasion, as the cypress trees do not fear the cold, and therefore the coming winter can easily be spent outside.
There is also a third option: the repotting was not done correctly, and the plant is in an unsuitable soil; the cypresses need a fresh and rich soil, very well drained, it is generally used in universal soil, lightened with little sand or pumice stone; the soil that is on the market is generally enriched with fertilizer, so it is not necessary to supply fertilizer for at least a couple of months after repotting.