They need documents too! How to get a passport of a plant for an orchid and what is it?

They need documents too! How to get a passport of a plant for an orchid and what is it?

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As for a person, for a houseplant, a passport is the main "document" that contains all the basic information about a flower.

Usually, a plant passport includes information such as its name in Russian and Latin, botanical classification (species and family), origin and care features.

Plant breeders independently draw up a passport for a flower. How it is drawn up and where it may be needed, this article will tell.

What is it and what is it for a indoor flower?

Of course, a houseplant passport is not an official government "document".

Reference. It is a concise information about the flower stored on some kind of information medium, which helps to provide optimal conditions and care for the plant.

The need for such "documents" usually arises in schools, kindergartens or clinics.

Contained in them information about the flower allows not only adults, but also children to learn about the indoor plant, the nuances of its cultivation, get acquainted with the basics of plant growing and care.

Such documents must be available in school corners of wildlife, and a person responsible for this is appointed to correctly fill out the passport and make timely adjustments.

For example, it can be school teachers of biology and natural history, medical workers in kindergartens. You can entrust filling out the passport of a houseplant and yourself in the classroom or extracurricular activities of young biologists.

Is it issued upon purchase?

Most often, in large flower shops and chain supermarkets with goods for the garden and vegetable garden, a passport is attached to the flower with the purchase.

The document is usually a printed brochure or flyer. Small outlets rarely provide it to customers.

What information does it contain?

Reference. The orchid passport usually includes the most significant information for the content: name in Russian and Latin, botanical classification (species and family), origin and care features, as well as advice on watering, lighting, temperature conditions, which depend on the specific type of orchid and climate of the country of origin.

An orchid passport looks like this:

  1. Name: Orchid. Orchid verbum.
  2. Family: Orchid. Orchidaceae.
  3. Origin (place of growth): tropical forests of South America.
  4. Care features:
    • Lighting: diffused light, moderate room illumination.
    • Watering: (the abundance depends on the type) with an indirect stream of warm water, until the soil is evenly moistened. Avoid overdrying / excess moisture.
    • Temperature: the temperature regime is dictated by the specific type of orchid, the optimal temperature range varies from low to medium to high temperatures. It is advisable to place the orchid on a wire rack after watering to allow excess moisture to drain and prevent root rot.

Self-compilation technology

In the case when the passport was not attached to the orchid when purchasing, you can compile it yourself, using any reliable sources. In this case, scientific / botanical literature about the flower of interest, articles, various botanical atlases, which can be found in libraries or the Internet in electronic format, can be useful.

The necessary information can be given by experienced florists and florists, and sometimes a clerk in a flower shop.

Attention. A plant passport can be issued not only in printed form, but also in electronic form, for example, on a flash card, CD, in audio recording or video format.

So, having independently taken care of the passport of a houseplant, you can get all the necessary information to provide the orchid with proper care and the best conditions for its growth and flowering. Thanks to this, the plant will delight with its appearance for a long time.

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