Works of the July bonsai month

Works of the July bonsai month

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Works of the bonsai month July: Bonsai

Our bonsai are already all outdoors, in the garden or on the terrace, or maybe even on the windowsill; in these conditions of greater illumination, great heat and good air exchange, let us remember to water regularly; the best way to provide bonsai irrigation, especially during the summer months, is the immersion method: provide a low and wide basin, a basin for example may be suitable for the purpose; fill the container for a few centimeters of water, place your jar down and add more water until it reaches the top edge of the jar; leave the pot in the water until you see the upper surface of the soil getting wet.
Watering the bonsai in this way you will be sure to have perfectly wetted all the substrate, also refreshing the roots.
During the month of August it will be possible to start preparing semi-woody cuttings of the essences that we intend to propagate.
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