5 productive varieties of eggplant for the greenhouse

5 productive varieties of eggplant for the greenhouse

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Eggplant is a southern culture and loves warmth. Therefore, in the middle lane, purple vegetables are most often grown in greenhouses.

For the greenhouse, hybrids and varieties with medium and early ripeness are chosen.

Growing eggplants in a greenhouse is not a difficult task, especially when you know which varieties are best suited for these purposes.


The fruits are of a standard elongated oval shape and dark purple in color with a shiny skin. The pulp is greenish-white, the fruits are tender, practically not bitter and have excellent taste. The size ranges from 12-20 cm in length and 5-8 cm in diameter, weight 250-300 grams.

The hybrid yields its first fruits as early as 95-100 days after sowing.... The yield is high - 2.5-3 kg from one bush.

The main feature of cultivation is that it needs the formation of a bush. All side shoots are removed.

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Black Moon

Mid-season variety with small bushes, wide, rounded and slightly elongated fruits of dark purple color. The pulp is not bitter, it has excellent taste. Fruits are medium in size, weighing 200 grams, although sometimes they can reach 250 grams.

High-yielding variety - 5-7 kg per square meter... The period of emergence from the first shoots to harvest is 120-130 days.

The plant requires a lot of light and heat, but if the necessary conditions are met, it is not susceptible to diseases.


The bush looks impressive, up to 1.2 meters in height. The fruits are elongated, pear-shaped and dark purple in color. The fruits have a universal purpose, from which caviar is prepared, rolled, salted, fried and stewed. The average weight is 310-370 grams.

Hybrid Baikal is a mid-early variety. From one square meter of planting, 2.5-3.5 kg can be collected... fruits. Ripening period - 100-110 days.

Does not require special growing conditions, resistant to diseases and pests.

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It has a type of fruiting, rare for eggplants - carpal. 4-6 fruits grow on one hand. Eggplant has an elongated oval shape, bright purple color and thin skin. Weight 50-130 grams, size 10-17 cm in length, diameter 3-6 cm.

The variety is early maturing, begins fruiting 85-100 days after the first shoots appear... The bush is densely covered with fruits - 50-100 pieces, yield 6-8 kg per square meter.

Features of care - picky about air humidity (60% or more).

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It has powerful, large and wide bushes that reach 3 meters in height. The fruits are large, 30 cm long and 10 cm in diameter, the weight of one ripe eggplant reaches 500 grams.

Coloring dark purple with satin skin. The pulp is firm in consistency, greenish.

The variety belongs to late-ripening - ripens on 120-135 days... Productivity - 7-8 kg per square meter.

Stores well and is suitable for any kind of transportation. It is used in home cooking and for canning, does not require special care, and is resistant to diseases.

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