How to deal with field mice?

How to deal with field mice?

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  • Veronica

    Indeed, the first time after the purchase of an ultrasonic rodent repeller (we have a regular sititek 360) there were no mice or rats. But then they began to appear on the sly. Therefore, we periodically turn on the device so that the rodents do not return longer.

  • Alexander

    Now Ultrasonic scarers are considered the most effective, although many, in the old fashioned way, use various kinds of traps or are taken to poison with poison. All these methods have an effect, but often after a while the rodents return, so I advise you to buy an ultrasonic device that will protect your garden on an ongoing basis.

  • Galina

    Ultrasonic repellents help, but not for long. Field mice will scatter to neighboring areas. Pole poaching should be started in early spring. It is difficult to cope with this task on your own. There are companies that bait mice and various insects. Contact such specialists.

  • Tatyana

    Last year I applied this method: I collected thistle thorns, rolled balls from them, the size of a fist. Then she laid it out wherever possible - in the house, underground, in the corners of ridges and flower beds. At home, mice almost did not appear, and there were fewer mice in the garden too. Glue for rodents also helped a lot, but I often had to check the cardboard boxes with the glue applied. Mice even glued 5 pieces at a time.

  • Natalia

    You know, field mice cannot stand the smell of milkweed, garlic, hazel grouse and black root. Try to plant more of these plants in your area. And you will see that there will be fewer mice, they will go where this smell is absent. We also made holes in empty plastic bottles and buried them at an angle in the ground. When the wind hits the holes, a whistle is heard, which mice cannot stand. Or the easiest way is to install ultrasonic repellents.

  • Olga

    Maybe you should try an ultrasonic mouse repeller? There are a lot of them now, there are also combined ones (from rodents, birds, insects), however, we installed in our house, helped us. You have a summer cottage, you probably are not there all the time? We have our own house, and our cat hunts mice at night, so he dispersed everyone, otherwise the mice also gnawed the flower seedlings at first.

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