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Lemon without fruit

Question: why does my lemon plant not bear fruit?

a year ago I bought a lemon plant and I poured it into a 70 cm diameter pot, from that day when the flowering does not lead to the end of growing small lemons, for a month has started to burn the leaves, and I don't know what to do if someone can give me advice about it, thank you for these problems

Lemon without fruit: Answer: the fruits of the lemon

Dear Salvatore,
flowering is an activity of plants that forces them to spend a great deal of energy, and fruiting even more; many living beings renounce the production of fruits and seeds, if they are not in a position to have surplus nutrients, to be used in the development of fruits. In practice it is what happens sometimes with wild animals, which make very few puppies if in the area where they live they do not find enough prey to grow puppies (obviously it is a metaphor a little drawn by the hair, but it makes good the idea according to me).
So, your lemon is fine, it blooms and grows well (or at least, it was fine before the leaves crumpled); however it does not develop fruit.
The problem may be related to nutritional deficiencies or environmental humidity, or to watering.
I remind you that lemon plants prefer well-lit positions, possibly sunny for at least a few hours a day, with good ventilation.
They prefer a fairly humid climate during the autumn and winter, and they bear the summer drought, at least of the air.
Watering, on the other hand, must be provided regularly, every time the soil is dry; therefore avoid leaving the earth in the moist vessel for a long time, and intervene with a new watering only when the soil is visibly dry; in the uncertainty you dip a finger in the soil, if it is dry you water it, if to the touch you feel it still fresh and moist, it postpones watering for a day or two.
Another fundamental care to be given to the lemon consists in fertilization: a lemon that does not find mineral salts in the soil, will hardly produce fruit.
Therefore, apart from the repotting, to be practiced in the young specimens at least every two years, using a good rich and very well drained soil; the fertilizations must be regular, for the whole arc of the year, every 15-20 days, using a specific fertilizer for citrus fruits, to mix with the water of the watering.
If, like me, you tend to forget about supplying the fertilizer, you can sprinkle at the foot of the small plant a slow release granular fertilizer, which will melt every time you water it; this type of fertilizer is spread on the pot once every 4-5 months. In addition to this, you can also spread shredded lupins at the foot of the stem, which are the traditional fertilizer for lemons.
Another reason why your flowers have not gone to fruit could be the lack of pollination, but you should have kept your lemon at home, away from any flying insect and wind, which I think is unlikely.