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Citrus cuttings

Citrus cuttings

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Question: cuttings

Hi, I would like to know how to properly make a cutting and if you can practice for any citrus fruit plant including.

Citrus cuttings: Answer: cuttings

Dear Easter,
the cutting is a method of propagation that can theoretically be practiced for any plant; unfortunately, however, there are plants that tend to root very easily by cuttings (an example is succulents, such as the crassula, whose leaves root even when they accidentally fall to the ground), while other plants almost never root by cuttings, even if such cuttings are practiced in the most appropriate way and at the most propitious time.
How do we know if a plant is suitable for propagation by cuttings? Generally the best way is the experience, if we don't have it, we ask those who have more than us; unfortunately, there is no general rule, there are many factors and therefore it is difficult to know if a plant roots with ease or not by cutting, without doing the test. The succulents tend to root very easily by cuttings, since the water contained in their tissues makes the cutting survive for a long time, until the areas of the stem are able to develop roots. The problem lies in the fact that plant cells are specialized to perform the function entrusted to them (like those of the human body); therefore a cell that is on the stem of a plant does not produce roots; to do this it is necessary for the plant to be able to send it the message to begin to produce roots, and the cutting must survive long enough for this message to be sent, received and executed (summarizing the events a lot).
The cuttings are practiced in late spring, taking still semi-woody twigs; or in the height of summer, taking branches already partially lignified, but not excessively old wood; these cuttings are those that tend to root more easily, but as a precaution, in general, many are prepared, so that even if some should not take root, at least some will do so, is a mere statistical question.
The tips of the branches are taken, possibly not having bloomed; they are cut into 7-10 cm long portions, and the lower part must be cut in an angled way, so that the greatest possible amount of wood is in contact with the outside. Then the cutting is immersed in the rooting hormone, a substance (naturally also produced by plants) that sends the message of rooting to the cuttings cells.
Most of the leaves are detached in the lower part, and the leaves are cut in half in the upper part of the cutting, especially if they are large.
The cutting is buried in a fresh and moist mixture, consisting of sand and pumice stone in equal parts, already placed in a jar, and already watered. The jars should be kept in a sheltered, bright but not excessively sunny place; it is watered every time the soil is dry, avoiding to leave it dry.
Cuttings can also be produced with lumps, but in general the resulting plants are not very vigorous, citrus fruits survive and grow better if grafted onto different plants depending on the area in which we live.


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