White mulberry tree

White mulberry tree

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Question: white mulberry tree

Should I get rid of a pretty adult mulberry tree like I do? Thanks

Reply : mulberry tree whites

Dear Nuccio,
I do not understand why you should uproot a mulberry tree, as it is a plant that does not require care, develops without problems, does not fear the strong summer thistle, nor winter frost, provides a beautiful shade and lots of very sweet fruits; in any case, if you really want to get rid of your mulberry, you will have to do it with care, because it is a vigorous plant, which tends to develop its branches quickly, and recovers even after very drastic pruning. The best method consists in uprooting, that is to say prune all the branches, and the stem up to about half height; then with the shovel you make a big hole all around the stem, so as to remove most of the roots. If the tree is large, for this operation you will need to get help with some tools, or even a heavy vehicle; if it is a small tree, it is a working afternoon with a shovel and a pitchfork. Much, however, depends on what you want to do in the soil where the mulberry is now found: if you remove it, you can safely fill the hole and over the next few weeks choose and place a new plant; if at that point in the garden you want to park in it, and therefore you do not care that the land is still cultivable, you can give the plant total herbicide, the one used in the squares with gravel, which kills any living being in the ground, is they plants, insects, small animals. Obviously after that, in that terrain, nothing will grow anymore and for a long time.
I remind you, before you decide to remove the plant, that in many reasons the complete removal of trees is regulated, so perhaps, before starting to work on it, you should call the forest ranger.


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