Garden with dogs

Garden with dogs

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Question: garden with dogs

buongorno I always read the answers you give to the questions of the readers, personally I have a big problem, I have two bassottine that dirty in the garden, practically I can't make the grass grow and periodically I have to replace, azaleas, roses etc. you can help me kind of grass that resists the pee of my two little dogs?

Answer: garden with dogs

Gentile Mariarosa,
unfortunately the cohabitation between lawn and dogs is very difficult, if not impossible; apart from trampling damage or caused by excavation attempts, dog urine literally tends to burn the roots of the small plants that make up the turf, killing them. In general, whoever owns dogs uses only one area of ​​the garden for his animals, surrounded by a net or other shelter, where he has gravel or lapillus and platforms on which dogs can stay when it rains; in this way, in the rest of the garden, where dogs do not have access, the grass remains green and healthy. Otherwise, if you have a very large garden, you can try to educate your dogs, convincing them to use only one area of ​​the garden as a "bathroom", but this depends a lot on how unruly your dogs are and how much patience you have.
There are also those who have tried the grass of weeds, it is the pest that we usually fail to weed out; a turf made up of single weed is very resistant and compact, and generally does not fear even the piss of dogs. However, it has the defect of becoming yellow in winter, if the temperatures become very low. In addition to this, unfortunately the grass of grass, even though it is very resistant, is not indestructible; and if your dogs always produce their urine in the same small area, don't hope that we can grow grass, not even weeds. As for the shrubs, in any case, you will need to place shelters around them, a net, a grid, or even a small decorative fence, so that your dogs cannot get close.


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